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  1. rustynlc


    I've had the s3 for a few months now (upgraded from my 1.8t ajq Quattro) I love the S3, it was completely standard when I got, APY 2000, full service history and even has full black leather Recaro interior (either love it or hate it).
  2. rustynlc

    Coil pack upgrade?

    Hi folks, any idea what the best upgrade for coil packs? My motor is a 1.8t AJQ (180bhp) iv got a mate who has a knackered 3.0 v6 ASN engine any reason why them coil packs wouldn't fit on mine? Plug looks the same, just they have red tops instead of black, cheers for any advice and tips folks
  3. rustynlc

    Mot day..... Mixed emotions!

    Hi folks, car had mot today, 2000 18.t ajq, passers with flying colours no advisories, it was being reversed off the ramp it stalled in the rollers (brake test rollers) went to restart.........nothing! Just cranked and cranked and cranked, tried to sputter in to life the odd time but wouldn't...
  4. rustynlc

    ifo needed on fault codes please

    hi all, right iv recently been investigating a missfire/poor running of my a3 1.8TQS (AJQ 180bhp engine) not been able to find any codes that point to a the misfire problem but a few codes that poped up on vagcom have left me baffled, if someone could take a look and give me any tips tricks or...
  5. rustynlc

    Brake disks/size

    Hi all, been searching the web and ASN but can't seem to find a definite answer, I'm trying to source some disks for my car, but can't figure out what size disk I need, I have an A3 1.8t Quattro 180bhp model 2000 reg, I'm not sure if the car needs 288 or the bigger option of 3**, (can't...
  6. rustynlc

    'Oil min' light

    Hi folks done a search but can't find anything related, I have an a3 1.8t 180 bhp (engine code AJQ) basically on a few occasions a symbol for oil level minimum/low has flashed up on my dash, on all occasions iv pulled over switched engine off checked the oil level, which has been fine, iv got...
  7. rustynlc

    Parts data base

    Hi all thought I'd share this as iv made use of it over past years, very helpful for trying to find parts and part numbers, a website called basically select make model and so on, end up with an explodes diagram with a table showing part numbers, exactly the same type software as...
  8. rustynlc

    8l facelift headlights

    Hi all, right my 1999 reg a3 has headlights and separate indicators, I was wondering if anybody knew wether the facelift headlights (all in one units) would be a direct fitment, are bulb connectors the same and so on? Iv tried searching for an answer on the search bar but nothing came up, thanks...
  9. rustynlc

    Rotational knock

    Hi folks, as the title suggests I have a 'rotational knock'. Basically when traveling at slow speeds I have knock comeing from the front of my car, it seems to be passenger side, it's there when I accelerate when I brake and when I turn, it kind of sounds like a chugging train, : the car: audi...
  10. rustynlc

    Temp guage now working :)

    Thought id post about my problem and fix, basically the temp guage on the dash stopped working, the car idled fine, fuel consumption didn't change, some folks said it was a dodgy risistor behind the dash, some said a knackered needle, I decided to say sod it and chuck in a new coolant temp...
  11. rustynlc

    A3 1.8t Quattro wineing/squeal, boost leak?

    Hi all, right need abit of advice, or ideas, I have an audi a3 1.8t Quattro 2000 reg, basically I have a squeal/whine that occurs when's get up to about 20mph and above, it happens in all gears, dipping the clutch, touching the brakes everything I try will not make the noise go away, apart from...
  12. rustynlc

    Back again

    Hi all I'm back again, this time I have a v reg audi a3 1.8t Quattro, silver, very tidy, picked it up with tax and mot, stacks of service history, only niggles it has is a squeal from drivers side front wheel, and a knock when going over bumps on the passengers side, but for £600 off a old dear...
  13. rustynlc

    flat spot annoyance on a3 1.8 sport non turbo (agn)

    hi all, i have an annoying problem, a flat spot! its really starting to wind me up and its letting the car down! the car idles runs and drives fine, but get the revs to 3000 and the car holds back and dosent seem to pull aswell as what it does in lower revs, iv had it read for fault codes and...
  14. rustynlc

    annoying hesitation

    hi, i have an a3 1.8 sport, non turbo, its a 1998 model, chuffed to bits with the car, but lately i have noticed a problem, when accelerating as soon as the engine reaches 2500-3000 revs the car seems to hold back, and after a brief spell the car coninues on its path up through the revs...
  15. rustynlc

    help needed! newbie audi owner!

    hi, iv recently baught an audi a3 1.8 sport, 1999 model, and my central locking cannot be operated via the key fob, all doors will lock with the key in the drivers door lock or passenger lock, iv changed the batterys in the fob, iv tried turning the key and pressing the lock button withing 30...
  16. rustynlc

    bmw fan no longer.... AUDI by far superior!

    hi, iv now jumped ship, after many years of owning various models of german cars, (bmw 318is and vw golf gtis) i have found myself in posseion of an audi a3 1.8 sport...... and my god iv been missing out! superb handling abilities and engine finess that puts it leagues above the golf. happy to...