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    Spacers With Coilovers

    Hi Guys, I am running the AP coilovers with my 2.0 TFSi A3 and was wondering if I get spacers will this cause arch rubbing issues or have others got away with it fine? I am running the standard 18" S-Line alloys. Cheers Luke
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    008482 (p2122) Accelerator Position Sensor

    Hi Guys, Just had my codes read and this has come up, it occured the same day i fitted my s3 pedals but ive not had any accelerator issues since installing? Also any advice on how to fix it would be appreciated. Cheers Luke
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    008213 (p2015) Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor

    Hi Guys, Just had my codes read and this has come up, can this be related to my erratic idle? Also any advice on how to fix it would be appreciated. Cheers Luke
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    Erractic Idle 2010 2.0tfsi (ea888 Engine)

    Hi Guys, Get an erractic idle just like the common pcv valve issue on the older engines. Blanked off the manifold pipe that goes to the oil breather and it stopped it - so fitted a new oil breather today but still no luck! Had it plugged in with no fault codes, MAF or coilpack i would expect...
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    Revo Pcv Revamp Help

    Hi Guys, Trying to fit my revo pcv revamp as im getting the typical pcv idle symptoms however after taking my engine cover it looks nothing like other videos on youtube. Its a 2010 2.0tfsi A3. Cheers Luke
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    Does the Cam Follower issue exist in 2010 2.0 TFSi Engines?

    Hi Guys, I have an Audi A3 2010 2.0 TFSi, just booked it in the garage for a cambelt and waterpump replacement - is the cam follower an issue with my engine? My colleague seems to think this only effects engines from 2006-2009 (EA113 engines) where as apparently mine is the EA888 engine. Kind...
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    Light clicking noise from rear / front near side

    Hi Guys, Over the last few days I have noticed a very light almost clicking noise when driving in a straight line, its almost like something catching the road but ive had a quick look under the car and cant see anything hanging etc. It's definatley coming from the passenger side and im sure its...
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    Clutch with AMD Stage 1 Remap 2.0 TFSi

    Hi Guys, I am going to get my 2010 2.0 TFSi remapped soon at AMD for stage 1. I was just wondering is it common practise the clutch will need to be replaced not long after or can it handle a stage 1 remap? Cheers Luke
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    Revometer bouncing

    Hi Guys, Owned a 2010 2.0 TFSI for a few months now with no issues, however one thing I noticed the odd time when idling or putting the clutch down is sometimes the revometer needle bounces from where it sits just below the 1 to a few notches above the 1. The only way to fix this is to turn the...
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    Best places to buy A3 performance mods?

    Hi Guys, Where is the best place to buy performance mods for the A3? (exhausts, brakes, clutches etc) I have found the AMD tuning website but just wanted to know if this is one of the best places or not, also is there a sticky on the best performance mods to do to a 2.0 TFSi? Cheers Luke
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    bumpstrips on door slighting peeling

    Hi Guys, The bump strip on my passenger door is starting to peel from the door a little bit, whats the best stuff to stick it firmly back - tigerseal? Cheers Luke
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    Help on bose sound system

    Hi guys, My A3 has bose as standard and i play music via aux from my iphone but im not that impressed with the bass / sound quality. Does using an aux cable limit quality or is there certain settings i need to use? Also do these systems come with a sub at all? Cheers luke
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    Dent on rear bumper

    Hi guys, Just dented my rear bumper slightly by reversing into a tiny post: Do you think i will need paintless dent removal? Cheers luke
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    Intermittent left brake light issue

    Hi Guys, I have an intermittent left brake light issue on my a3 10 plate. Sometimes I start the car and it doesn't come up at all and sometimes it does whilst im driving or start the car with a message on the dash saying left brake light is out. When the message doesnt come up the left brake...
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    2009 A3 1.4 TFSi S Line Headunit options

    Hi all, Bit of a newbie to the audi world, 09 1.4 TFSi S Line and was just considering headunit options. I understand as standard you can plug your ipod in but the display isnt great? I was just looking to get the headunit below after owning an alpine x-305s back in the day. Alpine ICS-X8 App...
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    1.4 TFSi v 2.0 TDi

    Hi Guys, I was looking at grabbing a 2009 2.0 TDi 170 but lately after talking with friends I have been thinking about getting a 2009 - 2010 1.4 TFSi then just getting it remapped for another 20bhp roughly. Can anyone offer me their opinions between the two? The reasons why I was leaning to...
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    De iceing your car

    So now has come the time of year when it's raining even more then usual, going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark and my personal favourite - de icing the ****** car in the morning! When your tired and depressed at twenty past 7 in the morning when leaving the house to work and trying...
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    Audi A3 Grills 8P3

    Hi Guys, Can anyone list the grills available for the Audi A3 8P3 S Line? I see so many different grills i'm trying to find one with the black edge (black optic i believe its called). Something like this one below (i dunno if this will fit): GENUINE Audi S3 Grille 08+ BLACK S-Line A3...
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    Going to see this Saturday night :) Trailer looked amazing, reviews are really good some dubbing this the best movie ever. Will report back :salute:
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    Audi A3 2.0 TDI 2009 CR S Line Known Faults

    Hi Guys, Going to look at a few cars over then next few weeks. Can anyone list anything (mainly known faults) with these engines? Obviously I will be looking at service history, cambelt change etc and plan to have the DPF removed with a remap. But is there anything else with these engines that...