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  1. hulland

    Loud noise when starting my a2

    Hello, Im getting a really bad loud noise everytime i start my car. Could this be the starter motoer. If so do i have to rplace it or can i do something to stop it?
  2. hulland

    Warning Sound

    When you have left your lights on, on my a2 and opened the door, it used to have a beeping sound to let you know. Well that seems to have stopped and i have checked fuses but dont understand why. Any one else had this problem.
  3. hulland

    ariel reception

    Hi, Does any one else struggle to pick up any radio station. I have put in a new headunit and i can get anything. Its not standard audi head unit. Is there any thing i do do to help boost the reception.
  4. hulland

    a2 airbag

    hi, dos anyone know how to turn off the passengers airbag. My wife is heaverly pregnant and we need to turn if off. But cant find the switch anywhere. thanksmatt
  5. hulland

    petrol cap wont open

    hi, Went to fill up the other day and pushed the petrol button, but it wasn't doing anything and the cap won't open. Has anyone had this problem, if so please let me know, if possible how to sort it out. thanks matt
  6. hulland

    horn location

    :racer:i am going to change the horns on my car and was told the horn is located behind the passengers headlamp. But it wasnt. Does anyone know where it is located.
  7. hulland

    audi a2 steering wheel

    im looking to get a 3 spoke steering wheel off a audi a3. Does anyone know would if it would fit a A2 ok?
  8. hulland


    does any get any rattles coming from behind the speedo area? If so what did you do to stop it. I have a Audi A2.
  9. hulland

    Stereo problems!!!

    Hi, I bought a audi a2 and the previous owner had put in a new headunit. Trouble is it has a mind of its own and turns off and on when it wants. So i chaned the headunit and seemed to be ok, but it now doing it again, but seems to be when i the do stuff like turn lights on or push the petrol...