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  1. maxlbrown

    CD scratch repair kit

    toothe paste works brillantly just clean it afterwards
  2. maxlbrown

    Oil breather pipes (replacing)

    Basically these pipes are made of egg shells and really brittle with age. Replace them all. Some one on here got some silicon tubes made up basically 17mm internal diameter and 21 outer diameter and has to be oil resistant. This is not over the counter stuff and will cost a fortune...
  3. maxlbrown


    You need to replace the whole door lock as the switches are all in the lock itself. there is no real other way to do it. Check on ebay for parts first else its audi and over a 100 for a replacement plus labour of about 1 to 1.5 hrs fitting Ive done tow off side ones both front and rear...
  4. maxlbrown

    mot today..... failed

    sorry I dont care what any one says i would never put second hand brake parts on a car. Two dangerous you never know what damage has been done when they where removed. At best there worth scrap price. Brakes its never false economy to buy used parts. As for prices Well used audis...
  5. maxlbrown

    ECON light remains on.

    Also chech the compressor the clutch sheer pin may have gone. this is common and requires a new compressor so the money you just paid quick fit is wasted. You should have gone to an aircon speciaist and got it tested first not just topped off. in my area the professionals actually charge less...
  6. maxlbrown

    A6 Cambelt

    50k for a diesel cambelt without knowing when it was done and if its over then id consider getting it done. Youll need a water pump and idlers done as well .as before look at the thermostat and coolant temp sensor. as youll have to remove the cambelt to get to the waterpump anyway and the...
  7. maxlbrown

    A6 cambelt change

    50 K for a diesel. Its due. 70k is for a petrol. thats why it was done at 50 k to start with. probably the reason why its also been sold on now. can be expensive through audi. find a good independant or try EBAY as some dealers sell the dervice for a fixed price for around £300 all in. Water...
  8. maxlbrown

    ABS control Units

    NOte If you can read the fault codes with the ECU still plugged iin the problem is not the standard power issue which is known. If you cant read the Fault codes then the it is certainly the known fault in which the power circuit fries inside the ECU. M
  9. maxlbrown

    Coolant - G12 ONLY or with water???

    should be mixed in accordance with the bottle i think its 50/50 or so. More importantly find out where its going check the water pump as it can leak through the bearing as it deteriates which will then blow you water pump eventually
  10. maxlbrown

    problem with xenon

    aren't xenons wonderful. Tota rip off especially as you have no choice when the standard lights are so bad. Rip the lot out and replace with an aftermarket kit try for a ballast cheap ballasts poor customer services but can rip you off on postal though still waiting for my set...
  11. maxlbrown

    Audi A6 Avant (04 plate) service info

    Mattey is it a 50K service. I suspect your getting close to a cam belt i cant remember if its 50 OR 60K FOR THE 1.9 TDI engines i do know its a lot lower than the petrols. M
  12. maxlbrown

    Audi A6 Avant (04 plate) service info

    probably a big one if at 50K if its diesel getting close to a cambelt as well. Should be on variable servicing so i woul guess at third or forth service third would be an oil forth probably a big one. Find an independant. Dont pay audis exorbidant prices. 100+ per hour labour plus parts...
  13. maxlbrown

    S6 (06-) vs M5 SMG (05-)

    your certainly not mad no idea on the other stuf but what the hell buy it any way they seriously rock with the usual audi issues which you already familiar with. most common upgrade seems to be brake pads or disks as well. Probably nothing wrong with stock but hey why not pay 1oo+ for a set...
  14. maxlbrown

    Defecting Sorry Good bye Audi.

    Sorry but 7 months wait for an A3 or A4 is in my book unacceptable especially in this climate. 5 weeks for a BMW Sorry I'm off. as BMW have recalled all the dealer builds and scrapped the production to reduce waiting lists. Coming next month BMW 118D Alpine white 5 door msport with red...
  15. maxlbrown

    ABS Control Units (Quite thick newbie here)

    I used a company in florida a couple of years back cost me around £100 quid then with a lifetime warranty. Auto truck repairs or something. Apparently the fault is with 1 pcb track wire on the main power input gets fried they just resolder a link wire and hey presto its back
  16. maxlbrown

    Retro Fitting Foot well and puddle lights

    are the lens in the door cards already else youll need to replace or cut them out. i also suspect the function needs turning on in the comfort ECU.
  17. maxlbrown

    Chips Away

    Dents away I know most main dealers around here use them for there forecourt cars. iwould not be surpised if you booked in with audi then they would charge double then call in chips away anyway. supposed to be very good. though never used them. they used to charge by the panel and if they...
  18. maxlbrown

    Interior Rear Lights

    it is the rear lock mechanism and its a pain as you will have to remove the window mechanism and door seals to get at it. the lock itself takes minutes to fit otherwise. the whole job is about an hour. Try ebay for a lock i got mine new for 3.45 plus 5 quid p&p from ra audi which turned...
  19. maxlbrown

    whats this i found it in my boot

    What haynes manual there isn't one for the C5 unfortunately. ELsawin is also no help sorry i think its a pull it apar and see. It looks like it comes unclipped from a servo which may be faulty and was removed rather than repaired before you bought it. Max
  20. maxlbrown


    AT How much did the sender cost you from the stealers. Mine seems to have gone yesterday. been flaky a while now does not want to work at all M