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    Just changed my filter

    Bit overdue I think? Don’t really notice any difference in normal driving, the slight judder at low speed has reduced...
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    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    Noticed a faint knocking noise has developed over the past week or two. Had a look under and saw this. why do Audis have such rubbish upper control arms.
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    Timing belt query EA288

    So I had a chat with a relative who owns a 2.0Tdi 150 A4 B9 saloon 65 reg, his car is coming to 55k mileage soon and will be 5 years old around September, my own A4 is on 85k and I plan to keep it for 2-3 years so was thinking about having both cars done at a discount. I know the timing belt on...
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    2.7 TDI Injector Fuel return nipple

    Hi, I was replacing the injector seals on my 2.7 Tdi A6, however while doing so on two of the injectors I accidently took off the L shaped fuel return nipple. Now I can clip them back on to the injector however when running the engine they leak fuel. Are the injectors ruined now or is there a...
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    Turbo question

    hi the turbo on my 2.7 tdi 2005 a6 has died. I’ve bought a new gtb1756 for it but this is the wrong turbo, there appears to be a bv50 with the VDO actuator on it. I thought all 2.7 tdi’s have the gtb1756 turbo with hella actuator. Is this correct?