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    To BBC or not to go to BBC?

    They've had their chance, take it to the media! Hopefully that'll give them the kick up the **** they require to take some ownership of the issue!
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    Big thanks to Dannykn9

    I got my DIS stalk fitted and coded for a reasonable price and everything was checked and double checked! highly recommended!
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    9/11 ...where were you

    coming out of a PE lesson at secondary school when I heard.
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    Vauxhall Nova written off at MOT station!

    garage is M&J Motors according to the OP in the thread.
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    What has been the most fun car you have owned (current or past)??

    Now that's what you call a proper car! I'm not surprised you miss it!
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    idiot RS3 owner

    If I can't be bothered to wash it myself, there's only one place I go to wash my car Rainbow next to Ace Cafe, it doesn't matter if I'm in a £500 or £50,000 car I still wouldn't use the polish wash brothels lol.
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    What is full DIS?

    thanks for clearing that up, this is for my 2007 audi A3 sportback. which one of the above would be applicable for me?? I keep seeing this part number on ebay ads: 1KO 953 519
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    What is full DIS?

    does anyone have the part number for the indicator stalk with the DIS buttons on the end of it?
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    What is full DIS?

    I dont have the stalk with the buttons on it, can someone still enable the DIS on my car? at the moment nothing shows up in that area other than gear im in (as I have a DSG) at the bottom and the radio station at the top, middle section is empty. I'm in the North West London area.
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    Anyone heard of camspeconline

    CAMSPEC - Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda Specialists - CAMSPEC - Audi, Volkswagen, Seat & Skoda Specialists Has anyone heard of this company?? there is an issue with the DSG box on the car I have recently purchased from a trader and to get it diagnosed he wants me to take it to the place above.
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    Bought an A3!

    lol much appreciated. I noticed you have 'Bluefin' in your sig, does this refer to the Bluefin superchip? I was looking at the following options for a remap: Bluefin Sharky Revo @ the AMD Essex you recommended any guidance as to which to go for?
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    Bought an A3!

    Ahh thanks Ads, I have heard of Russell Automotive Centre. Will check them out as they are not too far away.
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    East London Dosh Machine...

    lol that's pretty cool. that looks like a co-op cash point, is it by stepney green st by any chance?
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    Bought an A3!

    Thanks for the comments, definitely a lot of information on this site! signed up to look around before I purchased the car. Does anyone know of any reputable Audi garages/specialists in the South East of England? preferably in and around London? Nothing wrong with the car, but just in case I...
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    Bought an A3!

    Hi there guys, recently purchased an Audi A3 Sportback, 2.0L TDI DSG, so far so good! Not looking at doing much, maybe a remap to get a bit more power and MPG, other than that it's going to be a family wagon... On the lookout for a cloth arm rest... Thanks for looking.
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    Re Mapping 140 2.0tdi?

    I still have the DC2, had a DC5 for a while which I sold. Cool, well let me know when and if you do get a remap, as I'm not going to do mine straight away either.
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    Re Mapping 140 2.0tdi?

    Hey Troopa! it's 'Enthusiast' from AB25! I recently purchased an Audi A3 140 TDI and was looking at a remap too. Let me know what you find as I might get mine done at the same time, might get a bit of a discount with two cars as well...