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  1. Spinstorm

    Rear cross traffic alerts/assistance?

    I just realised that we do not have rear cross traffic alerts and assist on the new RS3 on any of the cars. Audi package the rear assist WITH the blind spot/lane charge assist - which we also do not have. However, I understand that the rear cross traffic alerts use the same sensors as the auto...
  2. Spinstorm

    12V not working

    I just noticed my 12V cigarette charger that has a USB power Anker plugged in gas stopped working. I tried it on another car and it works. So that means it’s the 12V socket itself. Could this be a fuse? How would I check this?
  3. Spinstorm

    Launch control not working?

    Can’t get launch control to work? I tried to do a launch yesterday. Put it in dynamic, turned off hold assist, turned off auto-stop, floored the power while pressing the brake and the revs just jumped straight to red like it had a limiter… and the engine did nothing; no rev-ing. This is...
  4. Spinstorm

    Did your car come with a tracker from the dealer?

    I thought I’d share my experience collected the LE last week. The dealer gave me the keys, and they looked wrong. There were two key fobs on the end of the keys. I assumed they were something belonging to the dealer so I told the salesperson and he said they were mine now. It turns out...
  5. Spinstorm

    Unlock your LE with your phone!

    Has anyone actually got this working? I was going through the settings and found this: I then downloaded the myAudi app on my android phone. This does not work on iPhone. It also seems to be very picky on Android. It told me my phone was compatible but would not install the key onto the...
  6. Spinstorm

    Can you remove the Audi badge at the front?

    I’m very tempted to swap out my silver LE badges for black ones like on the VS. Can you swap the main front logo over? And does anyone have the parts numbers for the black badges? RS3 and Audi logos. And how easy or hard is it to get them off and replace them?
  7. Spinstorm

    Short term RS3 insurance?

    My current insurance expires on Sunday - there is a chance I may not be able to collect my new RS3 until Tuesday/Wednesday next week (Although I hope it will be either Friday/Saturday). My current insurer does not offer short term insurance. I may need temporary short term insurance for a few...
  8. Spinstorm

    Road tax for new/used RS3?

    I am confused about the road tax for the new car. It is from the used stock so it is already taxed but I read that road tax doesn’t transfer when you sell the car? So does that mean I will have to pay £1345 before I can drive it away?
  9. Spinstorm

    I got in trouble for driving the new RS3 over 100MPH!

    …. With the Marshall at the test track :) Yesterday was a driving day for car journalists at milbrook test track. I made two videos - and I took both the BMW M240i and RS3 Sportback on the high speed bowl and went over 100MPH… Good fun. Also interesting to compare the BMW and Audi. (The BMW...
  10. Spinstorm

    Centre console glossy plastic?

    Has anyone done anything about that horrible black plastic centre console area? It scratches and gets dirty and covered in fingerprints and I want to class it up!
  11. Spinstorm

    Private plate swap for new car?

    I have today agreed a deal to buy an LE saloon for £64k. Paid the deposit etc. But I have a private plate on my current car that I am PX and DVLA site says this takes 4-6 weeks for a replacement log book?! The dealer says they can’t complete the sale until I have the log book for the previous...
  12. Spinstorm

    London location to film etron GT today?

    I have an etron GT I want to film for my youtube channel. I don’t normally film in London but I am today but I need somewhere quiet where I can film the car inside and out etc… Any suggestions? this is time Sensitive. Need to start ASAP!
  13. Spinstorm

    Tracking our new RS3?

    Now some of us have our order numbers is there a way to track it without asking Audi chat? I know with my current car I could login and add it and we can track it from there but I can't see that option anymore; and I did see on the tracking thread it says the system is down.
  14. Spinstorm

    New RS3 - Preview Video

    I made a video on the details I picked out on the new RS3 8Y previewed yesterday.
  15. Spinstorm

    New RS3 8Y Design Details

    Today Audi sneak previewed the new RS3 Saloon and Sportback 8Y as you have seen already. I downloaded the full 28MB image and cropped it and added some notes (attached). This is what I saw: Wide front wheel arches with vent behind them (as can be seen on rear of saloon) Wide rear aches...
  16. Spinstorm

    Facelift A4 Facelift Review - YouTube

    I have a YouTube channel about Cars and Tech and made a review on the A4 Facelift Saloon Black Edition model so please check it out! I also have a video on the infotainment system currently being edited which will be out soon! There are videos on different Audi models as well - and depending on...
  17. Spinstorm

    Facelift Servicing & Additional Work Schedule

    I am a bit annoyed here because I have booked my car in for an MOT which is fine; but I was having a look at the servicing schedule and I saw that at 3 years the Haldex system is meant to have an oil change. Now my problem is this: - My car was last serviced at around 48,000 miles going off...
  18. Spinstorm

    Oil Level on Dispstick? Not clear!

    I am a bit stuck checking my oil level of my engine. I have checked the oil level many times before but I am a bit confused this time. When I pull the dipstick out and clean it and put it back in there is NO obvious line. However the area where the markings is has oil on it but not a lot...
  19. Spinstorm

    Facelift Stay Audi or go to Merc/BMW?

    I have a fantastic 2018 RS3 Saloon which I love but I have one left on my PCP this week and it is coming time to think about a change. I have a YouTube channel called Tech in the Car that I started 8 months ago with a somewhat shaky video on the infotainment system on the RS3. Now I have over...
  20. Spinstorm

    Courtesy car slow puncture repair?

    I have had an A4 for about a week while my car is being sorted under warranty and I had a few tyre pressure warning that I reset after looking at the tyres and seeing nothing going on. The warnings would come and go after resetting for a day or so. I just topped up the pressure on the tyre...