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  1. Ajcman

    Midnight edition A3

    Could anyone identify what a midnight edition A3 is meant to be? He claims it's a top spec 2.0l A3 and I've never heard of a midnight edition. Unless he is confused with a black edition? But I thought they came with the rotors? Anyone shed some light? Thanks
  2. Ajcman

    Audi A3 1.6 tdi air leak

    Hey guys, back again after getting rid of my last A3 (big misstake) got myself a little 1.6 tdi run about and it's been plugged in and there is a permanent air leak in the system. Is there anywhere that's common to go? Somewhere that's prone to go wrong or come loose etc etc. Any help would...
  3. Ajcman

    TDI exhaust

    Yes its another tdi exhaust thread! I was speaking to a guy who has the best sounding tdi exhaust ive ever heard, so i asked him to do the same to mine. But he says the older A3 exhaust is all one part? Does that make Sense to you lot? I have no idea about car exhausts and stuff. Its a 2011...
  4. Ajcman

    DPF Error

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I have a 2011 2.0 TDI A3 (140) I've been having problems with the DPF since I've owned the car, It continues to have an error then fixes itself then has another error. Took it to the garage (under warranty) and they said they couldn't find...
  5. Ajcman

    anthracite wheel color

    Hey guys. Getting my Le man's (I think) refurbed and resprayed and would like to know the anthracite colour that Audi use on there wheels. Thanks
  6. Ajcman

    Audi A3 DPF warning light

    My Audi A3 2011 SLINE keeps getting the DPF light on the dash, but then it just disappears after a while, notified the garage and they looked but found nothing. Any advice? Warranty runs out in November so will be using a local garage and would like to know where to point them. thanks
  7. Ajcman


    Hello I'm thinking of changing my head unit of my 2011 A3 Sline, it had the Audi concert unit I think fitted. I would love to swap this out for a touch screen unit. Are there any that are plug and play or do I have to be a bit more technical with it?
  8. Ajcman

    really this exensive?!

    My car got it's MOT yesterday 2011 S Line 58K on the clock and I've been quoted £583.68 for the timing belt to be replaced. Is that right or are Mercedes trying to rip the eyes out me? I know what your thinking, Mercedes? but it's an Audi. Arnold Clark don't own an Audi Garage near me, or a...
  9. Ajcman

    Will this fit? hmmm...

    Hello I was wondering would a bumper from a 2015 RS3 fit onto a 2011 A3 8P? I know you can buy the RS3 lookalike grill, but I really want that mean RS3 front bumper really makes the car stand out! Did anyone fit an 8P with a Rs3 front bumper?
  10. Ajcman

    New tyres, which are good value?

    Hey guys and gallstones I'm looking for some new tyres for the front of my 2.0 Tdi A3 245/45/R18. Currently there GY Eagle f1 assymetric 2's and the backs are assymetric 3's. Is it worth going for 3's on the front to or go for something else? I enjoy the 2's more as they have that extra...
  11. Ajcman

    2011 A3 sline, electric windows being naughty

    Hello! As it says above, I've got a 3dr 2011 A3 Sline 2.0 140 and when im putting the windows up, they seem to have a mind of there own, sometimes. Sometimes it's only one that misbehaves and sometimes it both. The car is under warranty so it will be going to mr Shark to be sorted, but just...
  12. Ajcman

    A4 foglight trims fit A3?

    Hello again, Im browsing for stuff for the car and I spot these bad boys... They are for an A4 2009 - 2011 standard bumper But I have a 2011 A3 Sline, Would they fit in there place? see attached for a pic of A3
  13. Ajcman

    Red Polish Disaster!!

    I need a new boot liner 2011 S line. Where can I get one? A bottle of red polish decided to open and cover the boot liner in red polish.
  14. Ajcman


    question, does anyone have after market headlights? 2011 A3 8P S line
  15. Ajcman

    Stolen car!

    Hi guys, my mate has just had his VW POLO GTI stolen from the Birmingham area. His house was broke into during the night and the keys stolen. It's a blue/greenish color the reg is SC 65 KFT. Please please if anyone spots this car please inform the police of its whereabouts thank you soo much...
  16. Ajcman

    Headlight units.

    This may be a stupid question but don't grill me to much :) I've an A3 with the standard head light units, I would like to swap them out for the units that have the LED strips and xenons. Will they just fit straight over or will there need to be some jiggery pokery?
  17. Ajcman

    Limp mode

    hi guys, looking for some advice. I was driving along today on my lunch, When i pulled out a junction and drove maybe 100m and then suddenly the revs dropped to 1500, so i dropped to 3rd and again down to 1500 i kept dropping gears and it kept at 1500 revs until i got to work and left it for 2...
  18. Ajcman


    This thread has probably been done time and time again, but its not a sticky thread, or not that i could see. My back tyres are needing replaced soon, im currently running Goodyear eagle F1 assemetric 2 on all 4 wheels. Are they worth keeping or geting a better set. I've got a 2.0 TDI A3 any...
  19. Ajcman


    Hi, I've got a 2011 AUDI A3 and im trying to change the bulbs in my headlights, ive got normal A3 lights. I've swapped the full beams but i need to swap the dipped lights but I dont think there is enough room to pull them out. Do i need to take the bumper of to change them or is there another...
  20. Ajcman

    Letter from Audi.

    Hello, did anyone else receive a letter from Audi saying that there car has failed to meet emission standards? They say it's only the 2.0 TDI and the 1.6 TDI that are effected and that for the 2.0 TDI it's a 30 min software update. Anyone else get this letter? Or am I late in getting it?