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  1. neil ratcliffe

    cvt oil change

    hi folks does anyone know where i can get the special filler tube to refill a cvt gearbox. thanks all.
  2. neil ratcliffe

    A/C problems, I'm lost.

    does your ac fan work if its seized or does not work then you will have no ac
  3. neil ratcliffe

    Wanted a4 b6 front door

    hi folk iam looking for a drivers side front door for an a4 b6 in lz 5c, thanks all
  4. neil ratcliffe

    part no.

    hi guys does any no the part no. for the front control units for power folding mirriors for a 03 plate model please.
  5. neil ratcliffe

    Retrofit: Auto-dimming rear view mirror & CH/LH (picture heavy)

    yes the mai wring harness for a non diming mirrior is diffrent to a model with auto diming mirrior you will have to modifie your cars loom.
  6. neil ratcliffe

    My B7 xenon retrofit experience.

    this is a great write up ive just done a trail fit on mine the d/s one stays lit but the p/s one cxome on for around 30 seconds then go out and if i put main beam on the drl work. is this due to them needing to be coded,?
  7. neil ratcliffe

    Donor parts

    yes you can use the c/c stalk on your new ride but remeber to use the coms unit from your car and the tow bar will go just remove everything to do with the wiring ect and make a note of where the wires go
  8. neil ratcliffe

    tow bar wiring

    hi folks ive got an oem audi tow bar with all the oem electrics ive got an module part no 8e0 907 383 a its got 6 wires but have no idea where they need to go ive got a red a brown orange and green orange a green and white and a yellow and red, does anyone know here i need to connect them too...
  9. neil ratcliffe

    B6 S4 instrument cluster in B7 A4?

    yes the imo is difrent on a b7 to a b6 as is alot of the wiring.
  10. neil ratcliffe

    Panel gap between bumper and bonnet

    at the top of the bumper where the 2 mounting bolts are next to the headlights the 2 nuts that they screw into wind up and down to adjust the height of the bumper also.
  11. neil ratcliffe

    swirl flaps

    hi folks ive notchided that some versions of my 2 litre tdi engine have swerl flaps and mine does not do these make any difrence to the engines preformance or in the smoothness of the engine.
  12. neil ratcliffe

    EGR Delete Why?

    dpf where fitted to the 140 model and the 170 model from around 07 onwards. this can be identedified by the vanum hoses coming from the filrer which is in the same place as the cat.
  13. neil ratcliffe

    Puddle light installation s4 looms

    its an easy job just remove your door cards cut out the shape in the bottom of the door panel fit the lights into the place you have cut out and remove your old door panel wiring and fit the new one in place.
  14. neil ratcliffe

    B6 S4 instrument cluster in B7 A4?

    you can do this but the clocks will need to be calibrated.
  15. neil ratcliffe

    A4 B7 Stereo ugrade?

    i would leave it in thats a great head unit
  16. neil ratcliffe

    Newbie here!

    hi and welcome thats a clean looking example looks like it had lots of factory options.
  17. neil ratcliffe

    Panel gap between bumper and bonnet

    the height can also be adjusted by screwing up the 2 top bumper mounting points where the 2 top bolts go the captive nuts underneth are also height adjustiable.
  18. neil ratcliffe

    rnse retrofit

    hi thank you for your message ive got to take the headliner down as iam fitting auto lights and auto diming mirrior. but thats another issue, not worried about holes in the roof as i like the look of the sharks fin in any case can you play music cd in the slot as i have a disc changer and the...
  19. neil ratcliffe

    rnse retrofit

    hi thank you for your message i have all the nessacary connectors to wire it to the car was just wondering about which antenna to use and the concern ref. the disc player.