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  1. @udi A3

    After market spare keys now available for the 8p

    I am now pleased to be able to offer the owners of 8p chassis cars a cheaper alternative to a genuine remote key from the dealer. Any of these shown keys can be supplied cut and...
  2. @udi A3

    wiring diagrams needed remote locking module 8l0862257p

    As above looking for pin out diagrams from this central locking module to the diagnostic port. thanks tom
  3. @udi A3

    mk5 / 6 golf wiring diagrams?

    Just wondering if anybody would know where I can locate mk5/6 gold dash clock and ecu pin out wiring diagrams? Thanks in advance
  4. @udi A3

    Stop limit adaption.... and aux heater?

    It appears this car is stuck in an initialization mode? No known work carried out leading to the fault as far as im aware, in the measuring blocks in 44 it would appear angle is not reading/changing from zero. Steering stop limit adaption failed using the full lock left and right and centre...
  5. @udi A3

    Road Trip to Wales! VCDS or spare key anyone?!

    I'll be taking a trip to Wales on Saturday morning, if any of you have only one key now is your chance to speak up and let me make you a spare! I can supply cut and program remote or non remote for most Vag cars. Any special order keys can be pre programmed on the day and cut and posted when...
  6. @udi A3

    paypal, dodgy members, reversals

    It would appear that when working on a members car, part payment by paypal gift can be reversed for the hell of it leaving me out of pocket! Just a warning to all those trying to keep prices down, it's not only the buyers at risk of not receiving goods when paying by gift. It would...
  7. @udi A3

    ebay sales, no money back on certain items when disputed not as described

    Whilst this outcome was just IMO, thought I'd share a warning incase people get stung when items are not as described. I recently sold a B7 cluster. I accepted paypal and offered to fit them. On arriving at the car the buy said another guy had try to make a key with a cheap tool hence...
  8. @udi A3

    Fed up with my gearbox! Whats this problem? 1.9tdi

    Changing up from 1-2 is ok 2-3 is ok 3-4 is a pig 4-5 is a pig 5-6 is ok Changing down is all ok Coasting with clutch down is the same. However once its in 4 or 5 i can pull it out and back in freely. So coasting or driving in 4th, out and back in is ok. i can put it in and out of 4 no...
  9. @udi A3

    Engine transplant what are my options? Looking for a 4cylinder edc16

    Im looking into replacing my engine and management. I want to run edc 16. First question would be is there an edc16 controlled engine the would have physically the same long block as my ASZ/BPX ? This way i could just swap the management and ancillaries over. If not, im looking for maybe a...
  10. @udi A3

    Wiring loom required...

    Just on the off chance any of you have a car breaking or know of one. Im looking for a complete loom from ecu large plug, into the car, and complete with all connectors. Im looking to totally rewire a car (dont ask!) Desel loom prefered but s3 would work. thanks tom
  11. @udi A3

    A4 TDI Y Reg Basic settings , car conks out.

    Had a spare minute to scan a car today that had a random cutting out issue. I didnt get to drive it but when attempting basic settings to check EGR function the car promptly cut out. Would i be right in thinking this might point to blocked or damaged egr ? 1.9 tdi engine. No related fault codes.
  12. @udi A3

    RANT: Use of non genuine diagnostic tools and running before walking with them!

    I just want to share, even though it is vw related, same applies. A guy with a copy of vag tacho and vcds, neither genuine, who has done a few eeprom edits to add miles to empty and lit needles on a mk4 golf, decided to offer help to a guy wanting a cluster upgrade. Just like our older A3s, a...
  13. @udi A3

    Anyone thinking of doing a full DIS conversion on a TDI? Clocks for sale.

    I have a set of clocks available 8P0920980P TDI FULL DIS Looking for 90 ovno Once again i tried to do a classified and failed, i wonder if an admin can post this in there for me? 8P0920980P is the part number, and i am able to assist in programming them if required, including milage...
  14. @udi A3

    spare key non remote £60 cut and programmed to your car! limited time only!

    I'm not sure how many of you in here are aware I have started a new business supplying keys to some members. These were limited to older non can bus cars until recently. Now for a limited time I am able to offer spare non remote keys to start your car for only £60! I can offer remote keys but...
  15. @udi A3

    Sick of boost leaks, what pipework to fix it?

    So today i had another episode of leaking boostpipes and squeeling noises under various loads and temps. Who has successfully fitted a FMIC on a tdi? What pipes did you use what lengths and angles? I was hoping to grab the oem solution from a mk4golf or bora but they sell faster than things...
  16. @udi A3

    Wind problem... driver door / window plus door closed sensor

    I know there was a thread recently, but i cant find it, and i tried the funky google search on asn only, and nothing. How do i fix this noise? it gets louder when i put pressure on the top of the window. Also the door close sensor is intermittent, where is this and it is an easy fix? Window...
  17. @udi A3

    Results 1 to 68 of 71 .. where are the other posts?

    i randomly seem to have a few posts missing when selecting view new posts. usually only 1 or two. where are they?!
  18. @udi A3

    im in Bristol / coventry / leicester on saturday, glasgow on sunday.

    Heading to ADI on saturday, and happy to take on vcds scans on the way home, have 3 stops aloready planned, and on sunday heading up to glasgow for about 5 from notts, if anybody needs anything too or from either location feel free to pm me :D
  19. @udi A3

    What wheels will fit my A3 ? Looking for winter wheels

    As above, is there a list of compatible wheels from other cars that will fit, or a guide to using spacers/hub adapters to fit a later a3 wheel with 5x112 pcd? Im after a set of 17 or 18s ideally with tyres or winter tyres, as my current ones are low and will be my future winter wheels. if...
  20. @udi A3

    Number porting to EE.

    Last friday 27th september, i gave my PAC to EE. I had been on virgin, but change of situation in my first job forced me to get an EE contract for conference calling. My EE number was contract that started as t mobile, and as they didnt do conference calling despite telling me they did on the...