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  1. jojo

    How is your broadband speed today?

    Did you commit to cancellation on your first phone call and wait for retentions to call you back? That how you get the best deal as an existing customer.
  2. jojo

    How is your broadband speed today?

    On Virgin Media 200Meg, got 220 download and 20 upload earlier. The internet did go down last night just after 12 and fixed this morning at 10am.
  3. jojo

    Cayman car accident .. a godsend..

    I don’t know how having any accident is a positive result? Surely getting to your destination accident free is the most positive result? But glad everyone seems to be ok.
  4. jojo

    Ken Block’s New Audi S1Hoonitron Gymkhana Prototype

    I don’t dislike KB, but I’m a fan of his driving and Gymkhana series, and I want to see him drift this thing in videos!
  5. jojo

    More 8L S3 content from Volkswizard

    I was curious about him quoting Phantom Black also, maybe I should seek clarification in the your comments? Lol I’m sure he still has the Scirocco in the background somewhere waiting for a resto.
  6. jojo

    More 8L S3 content from Volkswizard

    You have to wind back to the days of optimistic quoted figures from AmD Bicester, we are obviously more knowledgeable now. But Andrew is an honest guy, and he is just quoting figures he has from his paperwork. Having said that, my own original Black S3 made 275bhp on Rtech’s rollers running an...
  7. jojo

    Ken Block’s New Audi S1Hoonitron Gymkhana Prototype

    From concept to prototype.
  8. jojo

    Ever increasing cost of Fuel !!!.

    Just for convenience, as I only put Shell in my cars, I decided to detour to one in central Birmingham as I had to pick someone up. £1.519 p/l up on the sign with a few cars in the queue, I decided to drive past it instead. Went to the Shell near my workplace 5 miles away, £1.439 p/l. How can...
  9. jojo

    Fit larger rear disc brakes

    Apart from looks, I wouldn’t recommend increasing the rear brake disc size unless you are running much bigger brakes than Brembo GTs/LCR setup up front. Effects the brake balance.
  10. jojo

    Do you daily your S3?

    I can daily my S3 if I have to, but I have other options on the drive that are better daily’s.
  11. jojo

    Back in S3 number 4!

    And I thought I was the only one still driving one after 20 years! Welcome back.
  12. jojo

    S3 wide tires 18x8.5 and 18x9.5

    If we are on about stock 312mm brakes, 16s will clear the calipers, it’s the offset and wheel spoke clearance you need to be concerned about, the S3 doesn’t really do dished alloys with the spokes further inwards.
  13. jojo

    Got myself a BiTurbo! :)

    So a further update on my A6. During this pandemic, without being able to travel any distance due to restrictions, my A6 developed an intermittent starting fault whilst being parked up for long periods. It would usually fire up first time when the engine is stone cold, but struggle to start...
  14. jojo

    Transmission service on BiTDI

    I had mine done at around 120k miles, made little or no difference, I only did it as a precautionary measure. It’s never bad to change the fluid to fresh stuff. Audi says it’s a sealed unit for life, ZF recommend ps it should be serviced.
  15. jojo

    Got myself a BiTurbo! :)

    Mine is a 2012 non adblue model unfortunately. I have barely used it during the whole lockdown and now ULEZ has arrived, it’s just no longer required.
  16. jojo

    Got myself a BiTurbo! :)

    Afternoon all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted in this thread! Unfortunately, it’s time for me to move on from BiTdi ownership... I had planned on keeping her for a while when I purchased it back in 2015, but I hadn’t anticipated that Birmingham would become a ULEZ zone, which means I...
  17. jojo

    Mk1 TT 225 track day car, 153mph on Track!! . Goodbye Mr GT3 :)

    Fantastic progress Karl, it’s already a monster with a manual box, DSG will take it to another level!
  18. jojo

    40th Anniversary of celebrating ‘quattro’ with AudiUK at Goodwood VLog

    I think you sent me some wiring thing ages ago? It’s been a while. Lol