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  1. jsosic

    Steering wheel not centered?

    Hi guys, I replaced an OEM steering wheel with new steering wheel from S4 (the one with the small airbag). There is a mark on the column and there is a mark on the steering wheel, and they should match.. Initially I got a feeling that steering wheel is a bit of to the left. Then we...
  2. jsosic

    Air suspension, issues, problems, experience?

    Hi guys. After driving A3 8P for 11 years I'm planning on buying A6 C7. Now, I've found a good model, 3.0tdi 272cv dsg, but with air suspension. I'm wondering what are the general experiences with air suspensions? 1. Maintenance vs regular suspension? Do I need to expect a lot of expensive...
  3. jsosic

    Turbo whine, rebuild and whine again

    My 1.9tdi with around ~122k km (75k miles) developed a turbo whine. First it started on downspool, when revving it in idle and releasing the pedal, then on ~1600->1000 rpm you could hear a whine. After that it started becoming worse and worse. I took the car for the turbo rebuild, and...
  4. jsosic

    Turbo whistle reving down to idle, 1.9tdi

    Hi guys I've started getting some turbo whistle when the RPMs drop from ~1500/600 to idle RPMs. It sounds exactly like this: Is this something serious, should I take the car for the turbo rebuild? It has 120k km (75k miles), regular oil changes, never thrashed until oil warmed and in...
  5. jsosic

    1.9TDI Oil leak around oil cap

    Hi guys I've noticed recently a slight oil gathering around the oil cap on top of the engine. I've got 1.9tdi 77kW PD, around 75k miles on clock (120k km). I'm the first owner, and engine has been take care of pretty good. First ~55k miles were mostly 75mph on cruise control, while last 20k...
  6. jsosic

    Disk pads replacement and spungy, weak break pedal?

    Hi guys I've taken my Audi to the stealers and they've replaced my disk pads (both fronts and rears). Since I bought the car, brake pedal was always biting at the top, and was biting pretty hard straight on, but now, after the stealers replaced break pads, break pedal feels "spungy" and I need...
  7. jsosic

    1.9 TDI 77kW EGR sw block pros and cons ?

    Hi guys, what are the pros and cons on EGR software block? I know in general: Pros: - no carbon buildup in intake - more power due to more oxygen - smoother idling Cons: - ecology, obviously - longer warm up times - potential MOT issues - ? I've got an offer from one tuner for chip tunning...
  8. jsosic

    1.9tdi oil temperatures?

    Hi guys, I've changed my thermostat recently (old one was opening on low temperatures) and did an oil change + belts change. Now, my temperature gauge is dead set on 90C once the engine has warmed up and everything seems kinda fine. But, one thing I did notice is, if I check the oil...
  9. jsosic

    1.9 tdi temperature gauge

    Hi guys, I own 1.9tdi bought new in December 2008, with around 60k miles on the clock, mostly highway. Last two years I did around 5k, mostly city driving (cause I now work from home and don't travel as much), and I've noticed one strange issue lately. Gauge for temperature was always pinned...
  10. jsosic

    Part number needed from ETKA? :-/

    Hi guys, I need a part number of the door sticker with tyre pressures and tyre dimensions on A3 8P S-line... so the sticker with 18" wheels on it. S3 sticker is fine too... Could someone dig it up for me?
  11. jsosic

    How to replace rear wiper arm?

    Hi guys I've got some rear wiper arm from 8V, the one that accepts different kind of wiper blades.... And I would wanna switch it on my car. Any ideas how to do it? Do I need to take off the interior plastics on the trunk door, or can it be done from outside?
  12. jsosic

    Car pulls to the right after Eibach install

    Hi guys, I have 8p 1.9tdi FWD manual gearbox, sport suspension, with 60k miles on the clock, 75% done on highways. I never did optical alignment in 5 year ownership, cause car was driving perfectly straight. Note: I live in Croatia so I drive on the right side of the road. Then I decided to...
  13. jsosic

    Eibach Pro-Kit installed

    -3.0 pro kit installed today. After 20 miles what I can notice: - car is not pitching when doing harsh starts or braking, it's much more stable - more harsh ride on tiny bumps - I can feel the bumps I didn't feel before - less harsh ride on medium bumps - as if the car is softer with them -...
  14. jsosic

    S3 sideskirt sills part numbers?

    Hi guys, just to confirm, I need door entrance covers with S3 logo... Are these correct part numbers for 3door facelift model: 8P3 853 491 K 01C 8P3 853 492 K 01C Also, I need part numbers for underseatseat parcel, for left seat (drivers side in nonUK, passenger in UK). I've tried searching...
  15. jsosic

    FB-MFSW airbag cover replacement?

    Hi guys. I ordered new airbag cover, and asked the stealer to replace it for me... They said they will see if possible, and they took photos which I will post later, and said it's not recommendable and they put everything back together. Now, problem I have is that I feel that my steering wheel...
  16. jsosic

    Diesel additive for cleaning?

    Hi guys do you use any diesel additive for cleanup of ERG, and other valves and stuff? And did you notice any difference or are they only placebo money-eaters?
  17. jsosic

    Center arm rest?

    Hi, I have a lot of rattle within/around my center arm rest, which is driving me crazy. I would like to order new center arm rest and dump this one to f***ing garbage can. Do you know how can I find part numbers for center arm rest for my VIN? And do you guys have problems with rattling...
  18. jsosic

    Compartment under seat

    Hi, I have a EU version of A3 (driver on the left side), and I wanna buy under seat compartment for drivers side. I already have it on the passenger side. I can find a lot of them on ebay, for the passenger seat though. Can I buy passenger one (right) and mount it under drivers seat (left)...
  19. jsosic

    Strange metal noise from drivers seat?

    Hi guys I have a problem with my driver seat. at acceleration and at braking, there is some metal noise from it, something bumps and/or cracks at something else..... It's really annoying, I have a feeling like its underneath, on the left side (I'm in EU where we drive on right side of the road...
  20. jsosic

    Cleaning silver A-pilars

    Hi, my A pillars have got stains on them, probably from bodyshop or somewhere similar... Color is "silber". How can I clean them in details? Any suggestions?