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    A5 Cab Vorsprung b9.5 - missing colour LEDs and turn assist

    Once they have your money they don't care sadly
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    A5 Cab Vorsprung b9.5 - missing colour LEDs and turn assist

    I have missing foot bin lights on my 9.5 Edition one with extended light pack. Also footwell lights are white LEDS which can be dimmed, made brighter or turned off only. Seems weird they have done this!
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    automatic boot opening

    Where do I begin. I recently bought a set for my A3 sportback. They were a pig to fit, the feeble pins are useless & when they finally do go in you need muscles of steel to close the boot lid and unless you want to get filthy hands at this time of year or Mark your paint you have to resort to...
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    New a5 b9.5 wireless carplay

    Great thread. Also the system will require rebooting several times before it will show up. the 5hz network settings also need to be switched off and on serveral times too, its very fussy! Also remember to have the bonnet open as it wont accept the coding otherwise...
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    2015 BE+ Front Bumper Missing Paint

    Hey All Was giving my car a polish today and noticed that I have a really poorly painted front bumper down near where the splitter part of the bumper meets the main front of the bumper on my 4 month old BE+ Has anyone else had a similar issue?? Going to nip to Audi this week and see about...
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    A1 SE DIS

    Folks A1 SE. Is it possible to enable mpg / basic DIS like functions on this display Using vcds or any other means?
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    2015 A5 BE+ Coupe Fog Light & Reverse Light

    I've sent you a PM on here mate.
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    2015 A5 BE+ Coupe Fog Light & Reverse Light

    Hi Trups, Yes I have VCDS. Will It throw up permanent errors that will need cleared all the time? Can you let me know details for paying for the fog light bulbs? Ta
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    2015 A5 BE+ Coupe Fog Light & Reverse Light

    Hi Can you quote me for replacement fog lamp bulbs (to match colour of DRLs) And also replacement reverse light bulbs to make LED / Brighter. Postage to UK Thank you :)
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    2012 A3 TDI 170- First Service / Oil Change

    Just in case anyone else wondered... and to put an end to this thread. I needed; 1st Service (Inspection Service) Oil Service (Long Life Oil) Pollen Filter All in total : £262
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    2012 A3 TDI 170- First Service / Oil Change

    Hi All, My 2012 A3 2.0 TDI 170 has flashed up saying it is due its first Oil change (19k Miles) and now it has just flashed up saying it needs its first service (19.5k Miles). Are these two things one in the same for the car? The car isn't 2 years old yet.. another 6 months to go in that...
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    Aberdeen(shire) Meet

    Fantastic - Perhaps nearer the end of the month? Before Xmas Party season Kicks in?
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    Aberdeen(shire) Meet

    Hi All, As title above suggests; We haven't had a specific one for a while. Wondered if anyone fancied gathering around and getting something off the ground? Open to suggestions Marc
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    Possible new S3 owner

    Welcome to the club Gary ;) Excellent choice!!!
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    Newbie alert !

    I'm In Aberdeen I just have a Black Edition S Line TDI 170 though. My last car was an S3 (pre-facelift). Great Cars!
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    Aberdeen - July 2013 Meet

    Good to meet some new faces :) Look forward to the next one
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    Aberdeen - July 2013 Meet

    With the Fine weather - Aberdeen will be pretty busy (traffic wise) and there isn't really anywhere to go and not look 'odd' on a Saturday morning either. Banchory is a fine compromise as there's a good road out via Westhill / Lower Deeside Road if you wish.
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    Aberdeen - July 2013 Meet

    AB31 5ST should take you in the vicinity It's a big car park with a Chinese, Pub and a Kebab shop.
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    Aberdeen Audi

    I've found Aberdeen Audi bend over backwards to help. So judging by the comments above they have either replaced the service manager or someone has had a bit of a red behind from Audi themselves! Always a decent courtesy car when you book in advance (A3 Sline / A1 S Line / A4 Black Edition...
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    Recommended garage for service - Inverurie/Aberdeen

    I'd go the fixed price route with Aberdeen Audi. They will give you a free lift into town and if you smile at one of the nice sales people they may even let you take out a demo :)