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    Tuning box

    Hi all, I'm selling my DTUK tuning box which I bought in 2014 and I was running on my 2014 S3 before I sold it. Looking for £160 delivered or £150 collected from Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire. Please let me know if you're interested. This is a bargain for this price, I just don't need it...
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    S3 tuning box and pedal box

    Hi, I'm selling my DTUK pedal box and tuning box which I have removed from my 8V S3 as I have sold the car. They're both in excellent condition, fully working and I'm happy to post them. I ran them both for quite a while with no issues and I highly recommend them, as together, they totally...
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    Android Mmi Cable

    Hi, Has anyone got a MMI cable that works with android phones? (Micro USB) have you tested with Galaxy S5? Thanks.
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    Issues rant

    So far I have: B&O crackling - I don't seem to be any closer to getting it fixed A loud clicking from the suspension/steering that's been getting progressively worse - dealership couldn't hear it last time, but it's definitely worse now Wastegate rattle - no fix at the moment. It's annoying...
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    B&O crackling noises

    Hi, Is anyone experiencing any crackling noises with their B&O speakers? I can hear it at the front. Think it's the 25w centre speaker because if I move the sound from the front left to front right, I can still hear it, UNLESS it is both tweeters. Scott
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    I thought it was worth 'breaking out' of the main S3 thread and posting this separately as it's fairly important for anyone who's ordered a car in Estoril. I have received this today from my dealer as I asked about Estoril Blue. Nothing for the S3/Sportback yet, only the Saloon, but I would...
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    Privacy glass

    Hi all Picked up my S3 earlier and it's awesome but just noticed how rubbish the privacy glass is! It's difficult to tell at night but it's certainly not as dark as the 8P was, and is barely noticeable at all IMO. It's fitted according to the extra codes (VW1) Has anyone else noticed this...
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    Estoril Blue

    Hi, Have ordered a S3 in Estoril Blue... got a build week of 4... but really not sure on the colour so need some people to post photos of theirs and persuade me I've made the right choice!! I've looked in the S3 thread and Googled but struggled to find that many photos of the colour I've seen...
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    Audi A3 Black Edition stolen last night/this morning

    Reg SP09 SHX 2.0 TDI Black Edition, Ibis White Stolen last night/this morning from around Sheffield area I think, or not far from there It was my old A3 Keep an eye out guys, they broke into the house and took the keys but left iPad and the other car etc It was completely std as took all of my...
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    Dealer discount

    Hi All, I've been looking at the A5 Black Edition (probs 2.0 TDI Quattro or 2.0T Quattro) and Audi's current finance offers and I'm interested to know what sort of discounts you've got from Audi dealers on new A5's. I spoke to one who's offered 8% with no mention of centre contribution...
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    S3 spare wheel

    Could someone please let me know what size the space saver is that comes with the 8P S3 as I have S3 brakes fitted and my 22/70R16 spare doesn't fit over the calliper, so I'll have to invest in a new spare I think for piece of mind. I guess it will fit in the recess in my boot, unless the S3's...
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    Rear rubbing with coilovers and spacers .. arch liner not flush with bodywork

    I've lowered my car and fitted 12mm rear spacers, it's been like this for years now and it's all good, but I get a bit of rubbing from the rear. I have removed the top screw from the rear arches today (although I might file them down and replace them soon)... I should have done this a long time...
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    H&R Trak+ Spacers

    Hi all, I'm running 10mm front and 12mm rear. I've started getting some vibrations through the wheel (and not sure if I'm getting slight vibrations through the car from the rear too). I had the wheels balanced 3-4 times and it's been the same every time, so tonight I decided to remove the...
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    Cruise retrofit on 8P3 A3?

    Hi, Has anyone had cruise control retrofitted on a 58 onwards A3? I was booked in to have this done tomorrow morning but the garage has informed me they're unable to get the parts in time and they are on back order with Audi. I told them I'd call my local dealer and see if I can get hold...
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    Running Dog

    This is AMAZING. Lol YouTube - Running Dog
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    Just noticed the LEDs going past ;) about 5 mins ago. I'm in Babylon!
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    Whiteline ALK

    I ordered the Whiteline Anti Lift Kit from DPM on Tuesday and it arrived next day on Wednesday. Excellent service and I especially love the live chat option on your website. Cheers Damian, Scott
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    Help, I've just bought a Kia

    Not really, but I was in the Bullring in Birmingham last week and there was a Kia stand with a few cars there. I went over to look and I was asked if I wanted to win £4,000. Basically, we got filmed "driving" in the Kia, and people have to vote for us to win. You can see the video here, it's an...
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    Been caught speeding

    I'm expecting to get flamed for posting this.... but here goes. Yesterday I got a 1.8t A3 courtesy car from Audi. I had to go to Birmingham and I was running a bit late. Got on the M6 at noon, it was dry, the sun was fairly low but I thought visibility was good and there was very little...
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    Whiteline Anti Lift Kit

    Hi, Has anyone fitted this? Seems a fairly inexpensive mod and I'm sure I've heard good things especially on fwd A3's to reduce wheel spin/increase front end grip so would be interested in hearing feedback. Cheers, Scott