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    Bang and Olufsen upgrade

    For the money you will spend, you will get MILES better with an aftermarket system!
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    A3 8V FL Limo 2019 - soundproofing experience?

    Heres my opinion, coming from someone who sound deadens vehicles for a living as part of what I do... We also have a S3 Saloon but is a PFL 2015 version, and we find its really quiet which is the complete opposite of yours...If you are CERTAIN nothing is missing - there are lots of little...
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    S3 Muffler delete / turbo elbow

    I did a few things in one go - turbo muffler delete, intake pipe, induction kit, turbo elbow. Although the biggest difference came from the induction kit, the overall responsiveness hasnt really changed too much...but the top end is stronger IMO...over 5.5k the car pulls harder than it did...
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    Res delete

    We used this pipe....absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever, some people I know run over 400hp with it and ZERO restrictions
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    New grill PFL Audi S3

    This is the route I want to go down, would be good to know if you find any place selling it and post up some links
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    FL steering wheel to FPL car

    Interested to know this too just for reference, happy with the current wheel but incase we want to make a swap it would be good to know
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    Stage 2 s3 8v facelift

    We are in the same boat as you...I can do it now without the cooler, or can wait a couple of months and get the cooler and do a "proper" stage 2. What cooler are you going for? Im going down the Wagner route
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    Pre-FL S3: Most effective way to make more noise?

    The best solution I found with the S3 is again as others have stated, center box delete, and keep the valves active. I have no such issues with drone, although I can see where people are coming is a tiny bit drony, however, its nothing that I havent had in the past and its certainly no...
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    Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe, yay or nay?

    We have one fitted too...alongside silicone intake pipe and a Ramair induction kit... Audibly, there is very little difference with just the turbo muffler delete and intake pipe, but the induction kit has made a nice bit of difference. The restrictions are clear when you compare the parts side...
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    Anyone have pictures of the doors with door card off?

    Thank you buddy, exactly what I was looking for! Looks like an idea I have will work
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    Anyone have pictures of the doors with door card off?

    Preferably a Saloon, but im looking for some pictures of the doors with the door card removed if anyone has any? Thank you
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    Gladen amplifier with head unit

    Hi Robin, did we solve this for you?
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    Audi sound system bass "upgrade"

    Thats one way you can do it, or these days, brands such as Gladen Audio, Helix, Zapco, allow speaker level inputs and will also have autosensing meaning they will switch on and off with the headunit rather than having to find a switched ignition lead or a remote output from the headunit Also...
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    Will a 2.5" catless downpipe require a map?

    As starry said, will need a remap Why not take out one of the silencers instead?
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    Wheel Fitment Query

    Should fit fine especially if you are on stock ride height on a saloon (not sure on a hatchback) We have 8.5 x 19 ET45 with 13mm spacers so ET 32...another thing you will have to think about is tire width, we run 215/35 with the car pretty low on coilovers and have absolutely zero rubbing
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    Facelift Any Issues With GFB DV+ ?

    Interested in hearing peoples experiences...Im looking to buy one but worried about fakes and other people reporting not so positive things about them...
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    TBH, best place to start is with a flawless paint job.... Sponserships dont happen as often as you would think...lots of people just 'rep' garages/companies who help them...getting freebies out of companies isnt as easy as it once was The worst bit about most of it, is you will need a...
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    Has anyone added a subwoofer or amplifier to their 8v?

    If your amp has high level inputs, then you can either put a remote on a switch, or find the relative pin out on the back of the headunit or find an ignition live (might be on the headlight switch) If your amp doesnt have high level inputs and you cant find a remote source, then buy a good...
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    Has anyone added a subwoofer or amplifier to their 8v?

    You wont need a seperate remote cable if you buy the right amp with auto sensing!
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    Has anyone added a subwoofer or amplifier to their 8v?

    Yes if you have an amp that can accept such inputs