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  1. BennyG_UK

    For Sale A4 Avant 2.0TFSI Quattro S-line Special Edition

    A4 B7 2.0tfsi S-line Special Edition for sale. Same 220bhp engine as the DTM saloon version. Mapped to about 270bhp, has over run pops and bangs enabled too (can be removed) Mods: S4 colour clocks Golf R blue needles Puddle lights retrofit Folding mirrors retrofit Heated seats...
  2. BennyG_UK

    Wanted B8.5 S4 avant

    Hi all, After an s4 avant, but I’m after a pretty niche spec. Must have: Panoramic sunroof Drive select Sports diff MMI Be under 60k mileage. Thanks for looking Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. BennyG_UK

    Sports diff on B8.5 S4

    Hi guys. I’m on the market for a b8.5 S4 avant. Is there a definitive way to see from adverts if it has a sports diff? I have been keeping a lookout for the drive select dash button, but came across one last night that didn’t have the button but showed the drive select screen & sports diff...
  4. BennyG_UK

    Heated seats retrofit

    Hi Guys, I’ve just got a set of heated seats and genuine Kufatec loom. Problem is, no instructions were sent with it and the invoice details arnt working on their website to download/access the manual! Can anybody help? Was hoping to install this weekend :) seats are in just need to make head...
  5. BennyG_UK

    Word of warning, 034 F/W and southbend clutches from USA

    Just a word of warning for anyone planning to go down that route. Especially TFSI Quattro guys. I have their 'Stage 2 Daily' kit with a solid flywheel and had nothing but issues with them. Link here Since day one, the clutch was slipping REALLY bad. They assured me its normal, stay off boost...
  6. BennyG_UK

    A4 Avant Guys (B6/B7)

    Does anyone have this custom sub enclosure? If so, how have you secured it in the boot? I have just bought one but I can't see a way to secure it properly so that it doesn't fall back out. Ta!
  7. BennyG_UK


    Ok so my A4 Avant appears to have a factory removable tow bar fitted. It has the fold away electrical connector with vw/audi stamps and p/n's, and the tow hook cover with vw/audi stamps. When I bought the car, the one thing missing was the tow hook itself. Does anybody know if a generic hook...
  8. BennyG_UK

    Just a quick thanks

    .. to @Craig Cull for sorting my cam chain replacement at the weekend. Went above and beyond to get it sorted out. Highly recommend anyone around Yorkshire to pay him a visit if you need anything sorting. Top bloke and reasonably priced too! Car is a lot quieter now, and no longer get a chain...
  9. BennyG_UK

    TFSI Quattro clutch options

    Anybody running the below kit? Opinions? Awesome GTI are refusing to offer any guarantee/warranty with it as they've had issues with Southbend/american clutch suppliers, but I am struggling to find...
  10. BennyG_UK

    US centre console

    Has anyone here in the UK done the swap on a b7? Ive attached two pics for reference. I did it once on my golf mk4 but cant seem to find anyone in the uk thats done it? My cloth plastic insert has snapped and the supports below it have given way also so was looking for suitable replacements :)
  11. BennyG_UK

    A4 TFSI Quattro/DTM clutch options

    As title. Struggling to find any decent kits? Awesome GTI do a sachs uprated clutch and a ECS solid conversion but thats about as much as I can find. Id ideally want a solid flywheel but not a lightened unit as per ECS kit. What is everybody else running? My engine code is BUL so same as a...
  12. BennyG_UK

    mk5 R32 wing back's

    Hi Guys, I may have the opportunity to get my hands on some mk5 r32 wingbacks very cheap. Does anybody know if they will fit a b7 a4 avant or would they need a new base? Rears probably won't fit, but not bothered about rears. Did a quick search but couldn't find anything. Ta!
  13. BennyG_UK

    Pics of avant on 17" alloys

    As title? Im after some 17's for my avant as I've got some 17" winter tyres from my a3. Anybody got any pictures of alloys? Ideally want some which are fairly flush with arches, though not a requirement. Cheers
  14. BennyG_UK

    New to B7 platform looking for buying advice

    Hi guys (and ladies if there is any?) Im selling my A3 as I need something bigger, so currently looking to get an A4 Avant S-Line TFSI quattro manual Anything particular to lookout for outside of the normal TFSI stuff (Dv's PCV etc)? Mainly in regards to the torsen system. Is there any...
  15. BennyG_UK

    TFSI AXX blue smoke on long idle

    Hi guys, Bit of a weird issue, but when idling a long time (5+mins) I start to get plumes of blue smoke out of the exhaust. I get no blue smoke on startup, on boost, or any other time. Car doesn't drink excessive oil at all. When it happens, if I rev engine/drive off it stops immediately...
  16. BennyG_UK

    Front transfer box prop seal

    Anyone every changed a seal on the front transfer box? Mines leaking where the prop to rear mates up to the front. Got all the bits to sort it just struggling to find a how to or if anyone has done it?
  17. BennyG_UK

    8p2 Bi-xenon retrofit help, DRL not working

    Hi Guys, I did the Bi-xenon retrofit quite some time ago but never got the DRL's to work. I followed all the guides in terms of VCDS coding to no avail. Ive converted from halogen and used kufatec adapters. If i don't choose bi-xenon in vcds and use the full beam flasher, the bulbs flash as if...
  18. BennyG_UK

    Haldex issue

    For some reason on the way to work this morning quattro decided to pack up, lots of wheel spin when I never ever used to get any at all. Plugged my VCDS in at lunch time, no fault codes relating to haldex at all, just a lamba sensor and battery voltage low thats it. Did output test on...
  19. BennyG_UK

    Hi All

    Hi all! Thought id finally say hello. Im from bradford, uk (not the greatest of places lets be honest!) new to the audi scene, but not new to the VAG scene! Currently got a 2005 A3 Sportback 2.0T FSI quattro. If any of you are interested, heres a link to my previous build thread on ukmkivs to...
  20. BennyG_UK

    Coolant issues help please

    Its a weird issue. Coolant temp keeps dropping whilst im driving but will reach 90c no problem stood still/slow driving. So I though ok itl be thermostat (ive already replaced sensors at this point). So new stat is on. Same issue. But last night I noticed after my commute home when I took the...