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  1. J

    Clutch Life S4

    rear seal as you said and once they start you can end up with quite a leak there, i had mine done and most people replace the fly wheel as well. S4's often seem to have it all done around 80-120k, some less if people have a habit of launching them from standstill which they don't put up with for...
  2. J

    Who's going to AITP 5?

    yeah that was me!
  3. J

    Who's going to AITP 5?

    nice to see the cars but was gutted i ended up parking at the back and every time i went over none of you were about for a chat (pabs james az etc)
  4. J

    Who's going to AITP 5?

    we should be there around 8:45-9:00 and the b6's should be easy enough to find (they are the best looking after all!)
  5. J


    joining a14 at bury st edmunds probably stop for a bit of breakfast on way so probably set off about 7 ish
  6. J

    Who's going to AITP 5?

    hi james you are right mine is an s4 but can't seem to copy/paste/ammend the list would be really good to get the b6's all together as there aren't so many of us
  7. J

    Attending list. 11th Of August.

    can someone add me to the list please can't seem to do it b6 s4 thanks!
  8. J

    AUDI IN THE PARK 5 Sun 11TH AUG(Northamptonshire)

    gonna be there
  9. J

    Who's going to AITP 5?

    gonna be there and looking forward to hopefully seeing a few more b6's and getting to know a few more of you
  10. J

    Roof gutter corrosion A4 B6 - Warranty claim and the fun begins!

    i think you will find that they will normally do both sides and paint the entire roof, good luck but i doon't fancy your chances of getting the whole lot done for nothing normally 70/30 in your favour
  11. J

    exhaust set up pic request please

    i have a standard s4 exhaust i keep tripping over!
  12. J

    Tyre help

    bmw's usually have 40 front and 35 rear and run a staggered set up on most e46 running 18's. in your case with the audi i can't see it would hurt and would bearly be noticable if you were to run the set up you talk of
  13. J

    tailgate spoiler

    i know i have asked this before but i am having a bit of work done on the car soon and have always wanted a tailgate spoiler so thought if i could source one then i could have it fitted when the car goes in.Does anyone have any ideas where to get a good quality (preferably genuine) item from or...
  14. J

    Meet next Bank Holiday Monday 27th May Snetterton

    i will see if i can make this but not 100% at the moment, as said the toy shop is really good there
  15. J

    milltek cat-back on 3.0 v6??

    i had one on mine and it sounded loads better but not too loud, i found a used one and now have it fitted to my s4.They are seriously expensive new!
  16. J

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    pics really small whats gone wrong can anyone fix this?