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  1. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Great work can't wait to get my hands on a set. How will the looms connect? Will it require accessing the rear of the bulb holders by removing the trim?
  2. Def-87

    Cracked Alloy 18" S-Line

    Just went to get a slow puncture looked at and they discovered a nice crack on the inside of the passenger front alloy. Now i am on the look out for either a new alloy to match my original one or a replacement set. Didn't know if anyone has the same as this one for sale???? Or if someone...
  3. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Many thanks for the update Trups. These are measures outside of your control, so you are not to blame. I am happy to wait as i know the final product will be worth it!!
  4. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Have pm'd you with details
  5. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    I found someone on ebay who was offering the service including all parts and labour for cruise and DIS. Parts include; Cruise Control stalk, New Steering Module, New Cowling to house cruise stalk and the new wiper stalk for DIS. He travelled to me and cost £230 including the VCDS to code...
  6. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Mine is 2005, but ive had cruise retro fitted and ive also had the DIS opened up so it shows me all the features. Dentsy, from what you have explained, it would appear you only have the limited dis which means it won't bring up the error.
  7. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    i was thinking the same with the DIS. I have the full dis on my B7, I ran my car on vcds yesterday and cleared all faults. Turned lights on and it the brought back on the fault. Im guessing that's why some people are succeeding with them and others not.
  8. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    im happy aswell to pay the extra £2. At present £17 is still cheap to have a set of LED number plate lights. Looking on eBay, they are charging £29.99 for a set.
  9. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    T8ups, What is the reason for the bulbs working on some cars and not others?? Fully understand you must be dissapointed with this outcome. Happy to wait aslong as it takes to get it sorted
  10. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    I have just fitted my new bulbs and i still have the number plate light error coming up??? Any suggestions? Mine is A4 B7, any one else tried them yet?
  11. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Mine also arrived this morning. Very efficent service. Look forward to not havng to listen to beep everytime i turn lights on!!!
  12. Def-87

    Rear number plate light holder

    Check this thread out!! Ive just ordered these from t8ups.
  13. Def-87

    Footwell lights.... I want them

    Trying to wire up my led strips to interior lights as you have instructed above. Connect pin 3 and 10 to leds. When the interior lights go out the led strips stay on constantly. Any ideas?
  14. Def-87

    Canbus+ Number plate LED's.

    Payment sent through paypal. Many thanks for offering us lot first. Your hard work will be appreciated.
  15. Def-87

    Drl question

    My DRL's are wired through my heated washer jets which means the DRL's are on all the time that ignition is on. This is easiest way to wire them as you dont have to go through bulkhead
  16. Def-87

    Best numberplate light replacements

    If you want number plate bulbs read this thread and order these. I'm getting a set of these.
  17. Def-87

    A4 B7 Fog Light Surrounds

    I don't suppose any of the front fog light surrounds for the s line kicking about. Mine have cracked and struggle to hold in the aperture.
  18. Def-87

    Update on my rain-soaked ECU

    im interested in which DRL's you are having fitted to your a4. have you got any pictures or links to them? Duncan
  19. Def-87

    MY2010 Car required for LED bulb testing

    Put me down for a set aswell please
  20. Def-87

    B7 Oil Filter Housing leak at bottom

    im referring to this picture which shows number (1) its the orange nipple like with seal?? also does anyone know if the protective cap in picture below (1) is replaceable with part numbers???