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  1. Arkious

    Replacing the BCM (09 - Central Control Module)

    Hey chaps, Drivers side front indicator has began to illuminate continuously today after washing the car. Now first thoughts were water in the wiring etc but I’ve checked the headlight and it’s not that, I then checked the wiring to the headlight and it had 12v on the indicator wire. Having...
  2. Arkious

    For Sale A3 8P Glovebox with AMI Interface

    For sale I have a glove box to be removed from my RS3 which comes complete with the AMI box for connecting the likes of iPods/iPhones to an RNS-E head unit. Glove box is in great condition other than a small bit of felt peeling on the inside and will not include the Quattro badge. Photos to...
  3. Arkious

    Aftermarket Headunit Wiring - Bose

    Hi All, I have just fitted a new Android head unit to my RS3 and it works pretty well out the box. It came with all the wiring adapters so that the steering controls etc. all worked straight away. I have a few things I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on however as I am a...
  4. Arkious

    Sold DTE Systems PedalBox fit Audi A3 S3 RS3

    Hello, For Sale I have my DTE Systems PedalBox+, I have had it fitted to my RS3 for approx. 6 months and it vastly improves throttle response. I have had to remove it due to various modifications making it more or less redundant. Its as simple as removing the plug from the accelerator and...
  5. Arkious

    Q5 Can anyone help with VCDS Adaption settings???

    Hello everyone! I have recently retrofitted the facelift led tail lights to my Q5 8R, but the adaption settings are proving somewhat difficult! I’m hoping one of you kind folk with a facelift 8R with LED tail lights and living in the UK could take note of their adaption settings please? It’s...
  6. Arkious

    Q5 DSG Oil Cooler Leaking Internally??

    Hi Guys, We have not long got our 2009 Audi Q5 S-Line, but the car began to kangaroo forward when coming to a halt and occasionally when reversing. The car has 50k on the clock which is low mileage for its age, and was purchased from a Citroen dealership as it was a part exchange. The car was...
  7. Arkious

    Replacement key internals

    hey chaps, I have purchased an 8V key body and apparently you can buy internals that fit to use the 8P transponder. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or if anyone knows much about keys and transponders, can you tell me if this key is reusable? Its an 8V RS3 key that I would like to...
  8. Arkious

    Q5 In the market for a Q5 8R... what should I be looking for?

    Hello Everyone, Im looking at a Q5 of around 2011-2013 plate and I was hoping to ask if there is anything I should be looking for (both positive and negative) before going to look at one. I had a 2.0TDI A3 before and know of the 140 vs 170 bhp issues if they are a thing in the Q5 too? I know...
  9. Arkious

    Best A3 8P 2012 double din converter

    hi all, I’m after changing my head unit but I find that a lot of the fascia look a bit off colour and I’d like one that’s a closest match to OEM. Im looking at a single din one but I know lots come with a little slot. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers :)
  10. Arkious

    Sold Audi RS3/TT RS 4 Pot Brake Calipers, Discs and Pads

    Hello, For sale I have a set of excellent condition brake calipers, discs and pads removed from my RS3. They are the upgraded version from Audi (ones that can have the anti vibration bells fitted), and are in cosmetically excellent condition for their age. They are standard fitment on A3/S3...
  11. Arkious

    Key programming

    I have an 8P RS3 and I have gotten a blank 8V RS3 key which I would like to use instead. Now the keyblade is an easy switch over obviously but I no idea how/where to get it programmed. The frequency of both the 8P and 8V keys are the same, and they have the same 3 button layout so presume it...
  12. Arkious

    knocking when tapping the accelerator with the wheel turned

    Hi Chaps, Another one of these delightful issues which I 'think' is the inner CV joint but id like some opinions first. I have noticed a knock for a long time which I always attributed to the gear box, its never caused any problems and when I had it all looked at I thought they would have...
  13. Arkious

    Anyone used the Eonon GA8157?

    Hi Guys, I have the RNS-E in my RS3 and to be honest its the only thing that lets the car down other than looking good. So I have been looking at various options for quite some time and came across numerous alternatives. I could go for the Pioneer SPH-DA120 but it looks daft in our centre...
  14. Arkious

    Help Needed - Brakes

    Hi Guys, I am hoping for a bit of help here with regards to warranties, discs and pads... The story is that I got my car from Audi in October, it had its front discs and pads changed under warranty in the February due to them warping. Having spoken with John and read threads regarding redstuff...
  15. Arkious

    anyone have a used set of genuine RS3 8P pads?

    As above I need a set of used pads, if anyone has a set please get in touch, thanks :)
  16. Arkious

    steering judder

    Hey Chaps, I think I already know the answer to this question but I am going to ask it anyways incase there is anything else that could be causing it. Basically when I got my 8P I had brake judder caused from what Audi said was the brake discs, now 6 month on its back and I cant understand why...
  17. Arkious

    Fitted: Forge Front Mount Intercooler

    Hey guys, Thought I'd put a post up showing the before and after fitting of the Forge FMIC to my RS3, including VCDS temperature monitoring data. I did a temperature monitor via VCDS back in march for my 14 mile commute, whilst driving in Sport and giving it some beans. I then fitted the...
  18. Arkious

    Audi screwed reg plate through grill :/

    hello guys, So I went to remove my number plate as I was toying with the idea of a side mount when I install the new intercooler, but when I removed it, I found that Audi have screwed the screws of the reg plate through the grill it's self. Now bearing in mind the reg plates on the RS's are...
  19. Arkious

    Air con noise - any help appreciated!

    Hello guys, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to identify a fault with my RS3. I've posted here to try and get it to the masses, if anyone could help identify it I would much appreciate it! A bit background information.... it only happens when the aircon is switched off. It seems to only...
  20. Arkious

    Is it possible to change the rear door triangles?

    As per title, is it possible to change the rear triangles next to the rear windows on a sport back? if so, can anyone point me in the right direction inc costs? cheers :)