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    Dtm using alot of oil

    Hi guys I have a dtm with the BUL engine and it drinks alot of oil I recently had a full service from a audi Specialist and the oil was up at full I checked this but this morning my min oil level light came on and I had to top it with a full liter of oil but I only had it serviced 550 miles ago...
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    2.0t fsi turbo failing?

    Hi guys am I right in thinking my turbo is on its last legs recently they is a awful whine when accelerating and have notice oil on the rear of my car it doesn't look sooty like on a diesel it's wet like oil is coming out the exhaust pipe Thanks
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    a4 2.0t dtm temp gauge

    Hi guys just recently my cars temp gauge isn't really showing the car getting up to temperature and it's going up and down abit but more staying around the line in between the bottom and 90 the heaters are getting warm if that helps Can anybody point me in the right direction thanks
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    pd130 awx car wobbling DMF

    Hi people my car has recently started what feels like the front end of the car is wobbling quiet a lot Durring acceleration upto around 2200 rpm and more going up hill and clutch is very high car is remapped could this point to dmf and would replacing with a singe mass conversion sort the problem
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    oil top up

    Hi guys iv got a pd130 and currently have 5w40 oil in engine but due a top up could i use 5w30 for the top up as i have some from a previous pd engine would this be ok to top my oil up with both oils meet vw spec thankyou
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    rear wheel rubbing on one side

    Hi guys i have fitted my new alloys to find that on the rear passanger side the wheel pokes out slightly more causing this to rub on the arch when i have more than just me in the car can anyone advise me on what the problem could be as i have 20mm spacers on the back and could just machine one...
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    boot problems

    I have a 03 plate A4 and yesterday the boot catch started playing up and not catching the latch to stay shut no matter how i tried closing it so i decided to tape this shut untill i got home but when i have got home somehow the boot has locked shut and i have no way of opening this it neither...
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    turbo problems

    Hi people recently my turbo has started playing up (i think) everynow and again when i get to say over 3000 revs in 3rd when under load my turbo stops working and lacks powers seems limp but no eml and i have to turn the car off and back on and when plugged in to a cheap code reader no codes...
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    pd130 AWX

    hi guys recently discovered my turbo is on its way out and was looking for a replacement can you guys recomend any bolt on upgrades as a replacement as i try to follow the rule if it breaks uprate it :kissmyrings: cheers in advance
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    fitting coilovers

    Hi everybody iv baught my self some budget coilovers to remove the 4x4 look they are the jom ones i know there is mixed reviews on these but i will just be happy that it is lower haha but does anything else need replacing when fitting i would rather not when iv only got cheap coilovers but if it...
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    b6 and b7 windscreen

    Hi people i have a smashed windscreen but i can get a windscreen for a b7 cheap will this fit a b6 i would of faut so but i could be wrong cheers in advance
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    white smoke

    Morning people just a quick 1 got up this morning gone out to start my car and notice when cold it has lots of white smoke from the exhaust and a strong smell of diesel all around car could this be something major cheers guys p.s engine is pd130 awx
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    egr delete pipe and inlet pipework

    Hi all i have a pd130 and looking at fabricating my own egr delete race pipe and blanks and also fabricating a stainless inlet pipe work across the top of the engine just wonder what you guys think of the diameter of the pipe work to use i dont know what to use 2 and a quater inch or 2 and a...
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    Is It A Bad Idea Engine Mods

    I have a 03 plate 1.9tdi pd130 awx engine with 135000 miles on the clock with full service history well looked after but am considering putting money into it with engine mods is this not a good idea with the amount of milage would it just be a waste of money
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    1.9 Tdi Pd130 Awx Very Bad Mpg!!!

    Hi everybody i have a severe problem with my mpg i find it impossible to get over 34 mpg as a adverage and the other one on the trip that tells you the current mpg (i think) bounces all over constantly up and down between 5mpg and 200mpg i have no idea y but i do kno its not just a faulty trip...
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    b6 to b7 front end coversion

    Hi all sorry im new to this :wacko: Iv just recently purchase a b6 but would like to attempt to put the b7 front end on i know there is quite a bit off work to do but could someone please tell me what it would involve and what parts are required thanks