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  1. 5Phil3

    Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

    American. Big V8. Outlandish name. Over 200mph. 4 doors and a boot
  2. 5Phil3

    S6 V10 Misfire

    Hi All, Had a search, but couldn't find anything previously. I currently have an issue on my V10 with a misfire on cylinder 8. It seems to get a bit better once the engine has warmed up. The engine has just had a complete carbon clean, fuel injectors cleaned, fuel regulator replaced, spark...
  3. 5Phil3

    5.2 V10 Airfilter Replacement

    Hi All, I had a quick search on the forums, but couldnt find anything. Does anyone know where somewhere online to view a workshop manual or even better, know how to remove the airbox to replace the air filters? I got as far as removing the tubing around the box and undoing 3 screws that I...