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    Wanted WANTED B5 A4/S4

    Hi there, Never posted or used this before so if ive done this wrong apologies. Im looking to try and find a project for myself im hoping to find a 1.8tqs B5 A4 or even an S4, the only request is that its mechanically sound, i can deal with supension, rust and body work issues and whatever else...
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    Stage 2+ ...?

    Yea man im figuring that out already[emoji23] i have all the hardware and map done already for stage 2+ but obviously i want the clutch done, £950 from the states seems pretty reasonable, i was looking at the helix 6 pad clutches and Single mass flywheel but again not sure what would be best...
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    Stage 2+ ...?

    Out of curiosity what clutch did you go for? And how much all in just for parts was it? I bought an 8P s3 a couple month back and there is the dredded clutch slip but only in 5th and 6th gear and not all the time. Just wondering what everyone has went for in terms of uprated clutches and how...