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  1. Greg B

    2020 Tyre Dilemma 245/35 r19

    I would love to hear from others about their tyres experience. I have read most of the tyre related treads here but still cant get a clear picture of which tire I should go for. My car: 2.0 TDI quattro (stock 190 hp) 55k miles S-line suspension , no adjustable shock absorbers 19 inch wheels...
  2. Greg B

    Android Auto drama

    Have anyone sorted problem with randomly disconnecting Android Auto once for good? It happens to me all the time. I have had 4 different cables including Anker , Amazon , Syncwire and genuine Samsung, combined with 2 different phones and there is still a case. I use Google maps for navigating...
  3. Greg B

    Avant Roof bars

    Anyone has any expirience with roof bars for b9 Avant? I am after second hand ones. In case somone has a pair sitting in garage and wants to get rid of them, please pm me. Also looking for an advice which brands apart from genuine Audi are trustworthy. Thanks
  4. Greg B

    Independant Audi garage around Bristol

    Looking for trusted independent Audi garage in Bristol area. Any recommendations?
  5. Greg B

    Metalic clicking noise from front suspension

    Hello All. I am driving 2016 A4 (B9) Avant Quattro 2.0TDI I bought it from private owner second hand with about 45k on the clock half year ago. Current millage is about 50k . Car is no longer under warranty. From the beginning of the ownership I had this weird clicking noise coming from...