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  1. Granta

    Kufatec fiscon on reset on symphony 2

    Evening all. Wandering if anybody knows how to reset a kufatec fiscon Bluetooth unit on a symphony radio? Basically phone won't pair and after googling it says that it may have its maximum number of phones installed so need to delete some pairings. Looks simple to get into the menu with an RNSE...
  2. Granta

    S3 rear diff

    Attempting to do my rear diff side seals. I have unbolted the drive shaft and pushed it out the way to find this, anybody know how to get it out as I believe the seals are behind this flange?
  3. Granta

    Alarm keeps going off, boot issue?

    So after a day of treating my car to a map it only returns the favour by playing up!! This morning i got in it and started it and on the centre display it was showing up that the boot, was open, which is strange i thought because i did not open the boot this morning any ways went to work and...
  4. Granta

    Stage 2+ on Wednesday!

    I don't have a build thread as progress is slow with me and car looks standard ATM! So thought i would post this as I'm like a child at xmas, i am booked in for a stage2+ map on wednesday morning at R-Tech!! specs are 2007 S3 55k REVO intake Milltek turbo back with sports cat Autotech...
  5. Granta

    self employed tax return and claiming motoring expenses.

    Evening all, after a bit of guidance and advise please! i have been self employed for the last year and will do my own self assessment at the end of the year, i have kept all of my receipts that i have bought items for business use etc. my question is with claiming tax back on car expenses, i...
  6. Granta

    which iPod classic?

    Evening all i have posted this in the audio section but no reply :( my 57 plate S3 has the standard audi HU (not RNSE) i can't remember if its the symphony or chorus. it has the iPod integration, it has the dock in the glove box that takes a few different sizes of iPod. i have a 2nd generation...
  7. Granta

    which iPods work in iPod dock?

    evening all, quick question i have a 57 plate s3 with a concert 2 HU which has bluetooth and the iPod connectivity with the dock in the glovebox. now i have a 2nd generation nano which fits in the dock nicely and it also takes a charge. i have a few other nanos but they don't take a charge nor...
  8. Granta

    Recommend me some shocks for my S3!

    Evening all got a knock on the front of my s3, narrowed it down to being a shock so looking to replace both front shocks, looking to fit decent shocks like sachs or biltseins, anyone got any recommendations or links? im not keen on going down the coilover route, been there done that and want a...
  9. Granta

    Fuel gauge working intermitent

    Morning all, fairly familiar with the audi range and have an A6 3.0TDi with fuel gauge problems, it seems to not work more often than work! recalling the fault codes it comes with the the sensor short to ground, i have got the rear seat up and had a look at the electrical plug onto the...
  10. Granta

    3.0 TDi inlet runner flaps

    Evening all, i am looking at replacing the pair on a customers car, the inlet manifolds that is as both banks are flagging up the EML. I can get them from TPS but I want to keep the costs down, does anyone know if they are available anywhere else? I have seen on eBay a company sends you a pair...
  11. Granta

    Stage 1 map

    Morning all. I have owned my s3 for a merely 4 weeks and today i am taking it to r tech to have a stage 1 map installed! I don't rally want to go down the induction kit route again purely for the noise, so I have put in a pipercross panel filter and have a full tank of v power! Stage 1 reaches...
  12. Granta

    Intermittent clicking noise

    Hi all have an odd one here. Only had the car for about 10 days now and has only happened 3 times. Randomly with the engine running I have heard a clicking/ ticking noise coming from the drivers door doorcard! Almost sounds like a relay clicking. It goes on or about 20 seconds then stops and...
  13. Granta

    Misting of oil at rear diff S3

    Morning all. Went over my car last night for the first time and something I noticed was that there is a slight misting of oil where the drive shafts exit the rear diff, both sides. My question is is this normal or does it look like the seals are on their way out?
  14. Granta

    R8 Climate control

    Hi all in the R8 section, has anyone had any problems with the climate control in their R8?? Many Thanks
  15. Granta

    New s3 owner :)

    Evening all, picked up a 57 plate s3 with 45 on the clock in sprint blue. Very impressed with it so far although it is already back at the dealer as EML came on and has a lumpy idle, probably down to a dodgy coil but the dealer wants to take care of it so they picked it up today. Plans are a...