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  1. GMballistic

    Comment by 'GMballistic' in media 'Pioneer AVH-X8700BT'

    @KirbyS38P It's a great unit. Plays DVD's, CD's, Bluetooth for your phone. Would definitely not change mine.
  2. GMballistic

    Comment by 'GMballistic' in media 'Pioneer AVH-X8700BT'

    I've got the same headunit in my S3 and it is very good. ;)
  3. GMballistic

    Anyone sandpapered their headlights?

    Why are you using Brasso?? Honestly just buy the Megs headlight restoration kit from Halfords and you can't go wrong. It includes "PlastX" polish/cleaner which is the proper stuff to be used on plastics (not Brasso!). Good luck.
  4. GMballistic

    Anyone sandpapered their headlights?

    On one of my old cars I used the Meguiars headlight restoration kit as that comes with everything you need to sort misted or scratched lenses. Link...
  5. GMballistic

    Audi TT-RS - Stormx Project Thread

    Looks great, ...very mean looking. :smilingimp: :sunglasses:
  6. GMballistic

    Numpty Audi Driver!

    Definitely driving like it's a game and he can just respawn if he dies. :astonished: ;)
  7. GMballistic

    Front screen defrost button ?

    Mine takes no more than a few minutes. I used it this evening and I'd only traveled a short distance before it was totally clear. ;)
  8. GMballistic

    Numpty Audi Driver!

    At least nobody else was hurt. The way that guy was driving he could have wiped out a family or some other innocents on the road so easily. Shame he didn't keep it to competitions or on circuits because he definitely had some drifting skills.
  9. GMballistic

    Numpty Audi Driver!

    Although tbf steve that BMW driver is a proper bellend too. Lol. :D ;)
  10. GMballistic

    Numpty Audi Driver!

    I'm sorry royalsteve but you've not seen anything till you've seen this tw*t in a 350Z weaving through heavy traffic... I love driving fast but there's a time & a place. ;)
  11. GMballistic

    Armrest Storage

    Why not just buy some hard foam, cut it to the size of the armrest so that it fits snuggly, ...then cut out the shape of your phone for it to rest in doing the same for the plug, wiring & anything else you want to fit in there, ;) Link...
  12. GMballistic

    Parking Wars!!!!

    Any pictures to see what you're dealing with? I'd say by the sounds of it I'd go with Lavis89 suggestion of a removable post. Like one of the ones below maybe.... ;)
  13. GMballistic

    Rear windscreen dealership sticker

    Isopropanol would get rid of that I'm sure or cleaning it with nail polish remover (acetone) as Bob suggested. Honestly though I think you're mad. Those stickers look rubbish at the best of times, ...I could understand you wanting it to be all original if it was a nice 1960's Mk1 Escort or...
  14. GMballistic

    Rear Bumper ?

    Have you tried mjr901 on here? He was very helpful to me and should be able to give you part numbers I'd have thought, ...just send him a message to see if he can help. ;) Link: Good luck.
  15. GMballistic

    Rear ended by a stolen car

    Exactly. That's the problem with a crashed/damaged car that get's repair, ...imo it will never look as good as it did new (undamaged). They're always going to be signs that it's had paint or a repair done. Usually though it's done well enough that only a trained eye will notice or if you know...
  16. GMballistic

    How often do you change your oil?

    Plus one although my S3 doesn't drink quite as much oil as that. ;)
  17. GMballistic

    Football Fans pick on Audis . .

    I'm sorry but I disagree that common sense has anything to do with it unless the owner had left them in plain site, should be able to leave items in your car hidden from view without worrying about scum bags breaking into your car. I'm sure we've all left things of value unattended in...
  18. GMballistic

    My TTE480 S3 Build

    Sounds like it will be awesome and can't blame you for being excited to see what it can do this time. :D Good luck. ;)
  19. GMballistic

    Power, mods,specs, remapper and graphs!

    Sounds like a great result. :sunglasses: What year & model is it though?