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    Parrot MKi9200 interface to Concert for Iphone 3GS

    I'm trying to interface the Parrot MKi9200 into my Concert radio (A4 2002). I tried a dension Gateway 100 unit but found a error message about charging (Apple changed circuit to usb charging a while back only Dension never caught up). Anyway I purchased a Parrot MKi9200 but now find out it...

    Supply Voltage B+

    Got this error message on ; 1 Fault Found: 00532 - Supply Voltage B+ 53-10 - Supply Voltage Too Low - Intermittent Had a new battery a while back. In Bentley it says the problem could be regulator. Does anyone know where the regulator is? Fault has not caused...

    Intermittant failure to start

    Hello all. I have a A4 B6 2002 1.8T 163BHP BFB Engine. After the car has been standing for a week I tried to start , engine cranked but would not start. After few mins fired up ok. ( 110,000 miles on clock ). Any tips would be apricaited before I decide to take to dealer There are a few...

    DTC: 16985 - Internal Control Module: Memory Check Sum Error

    Any one had DTC: 16985 - Internal Control Module: Memory Check Sum Error caused by remaping . Is it a bug, virus, bad program, does it appear at random? or triggered by fault codes? Any ideas?? New ECU required? £550 down the toilet pan? Any info would be helpful cheers

    ECU warning Light

    Well just as my 2002 A4 1.8T moved into its 86,000 mile. The ECU light has lit solid. Car drives like normal. No symptoms apart from a glowing orange light. Im thinking polution sensors either side of cat or knock sensors?. Anyone in Glasgow area with VAG.COM want to sell me a scan? cheers

    Front brake disks

    A4 2002 1.8T Looking at my disks I think they might require changing sometime soon according to the wear limit specified in Audi service manual. I seem to remember when I did the pads that the rear disks are held on by the wheel nuts and no other fixings. Is this the case with the front ones...