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    S3 tyre wear

    Has anyone checked thier front tyres yet? Mine are a few mills off the wear indicators, after only 7000 miles. Also what would be the best new fronts or swaps to the back? The backs are in pristine condition - so much for the 40/60 bias (f/r)
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    s3 daytime driving lights

    Has anyone investigated swapping these out yet? They are noticibily more yellow than the xenons..
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    Guess what I've been doing at the dealers?

    Oh yes. Been sick as a dog lately (food poisoning), but I've finally caved in an bought a new s3. I've got a doctors appointment this morning, but after that I am off to see Chester Audi (who may I say have done a sterling job in turning round a cancelled S3 order). A3 3.2 Sline Dsg Q...
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    3.2 v6 engine no longer available

    The audi car config. does not allow. Does this mean I now driving an out of production car? Or does this mean we can expect a RS3 v6 engined car soon?
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    Sudden hesitation on DSG/ Engine

    Okay get this every so often. Reminded me of the old coil pack failure. Essentially the car sudders, there's a loss of power, ECU light comes on, and then car sudden comes back to life. (all in the space of a matter of moments) Any one else had this? Its happens usually while on the...
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    Loose Steering... 3.2 ...

    So I needed some new tyres, and audi had none in stock so off to quik fit I went. Now with new tryes installed I've noticed something maybe wrong with the steering. With the car at a standstill I can turn the steering wheel and get no movement from the wheels?? Only when the wheels are...
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    Sooty pipes!

    Has anyone else noticed but the 3.2 motors seems to really blacken the old tall pipes after drinking a tank of it favourite tipple - optimax? I am doing about 1.5 tanks per week. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    anti roll bars

    Does anyone know what size (thickness) arbs the 3.2 runs? front and rear?
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    Phatbox lead?

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these? is there a audi or vw part nos? Do I need an adapter? Sorry but its coming out of my S3 (which had a sony headunit) and going into my new A3 3.2 Sline with Double din symphony. All help much appreciated
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    VW R32 MkV

    So does anyone know what the diifferences are in comparison to the 3.2 q S-line? Is it just exhaust and suspension?
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    S3 Front Suspension/ steering

    Hi, Can anyone post an exploded parts diagram of the above? I replaced the discs and pads on my motor yesterday and noticed that a rubber seal about the size of a bagel near the engine bay has become worn and failed. It appears to be part of the steering - but not sure what its called. I can...
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    A4 3.0 tdi Q

    Has anyone driven one of these yet? Or seen a review? All I've seen so far is an honest jon write up.
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    Selling S3s

    Has anyone been through the selling process recently and roughly how long did it take? What was the better websites to advertise on etc, thanks.
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    S3 or Rs3

    Is it going to happen or not? Going through the process of new order and would hate to see a new S3 in the next 12 mths!!
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    turbos, DSG and stuff! on 2.0t Q Tip..

    does anyone know what spec this is? Is it the old kk03 pr kk04? (is that right, the turbo on 1.8tq a3 or s3?!?) And guess the next question? does it have the fuel injectors to handle the increased power of the kk04?.. Not that I am thinking of moding it or anything.. Plus what can the current...
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    Audi s3 recalls?

    Other than the coil pack fiasco, what recalls have there been on the S3 MY2002 onwards? I only ask as my cars currently in the shop and they are refusing to give me it back until all recall work has been completed... Something to do with being a german car and first time its gone on the Audi UK...
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    Oh dear - coilpack failure?

    Travelling down the A1 passed leeds last night and sudden loss of power - mid over taking, very dangerous. As well as the loss of power the starter motor indicator started flashing? WTF?? Anyway pulled over to hard shoulder and ran thru some checks. Car is now running like a bag of nails...
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    Service Audi and DIY

    Okay, so booked in for my second avs next week. 35k miles. So should get the 40k treatment? ie spark plugs, haldex, gearbox oil change, brake fluid. But I recently changed the oil and filter (week before last) and stuck in a new air filter. Should I tell them? Will they notice? Will...
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    Distance to reach 60 mph standing start? S3

    Does any of you know? Those doing santa pod etc or is there an equation 6.5s to 60mph so newton's? v=u+at? or something?