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    Audi A4 1.4 Fuel Spraying

    Hi guys, Wish my Bluetooth issue was the only one. My one year old A4 is now stepping up her misbehaviour. I tried to start the car, it came up with an error. I clicked the START/STOP button again and the starter motor went for it, a few seconds longer than normal. Then a strong fuel smell...
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    Hello From County Durham

    Hi everyone, Newbie here but very familiar with various forums for my previous motors over the years and the invaluable help of such a community. I'm based in County Durham and have had my 67 plate A4 for just over a year now It's great except the Bluetooth issue (separate thread already...
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    Android Auto / Bluetooth Distortion

    Hi guys, I've had my Audi A4 B9 (67 plate) for just over a year now. I noticed a few months in that the music would occasionally distort on Android Auto. I'd unplug the phone from the USB cable and it would play over Bluetooth - still distorting. Then I'd switch to radio and music quality...