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  1. PeteRS3lee

    10 months on

    Getting closer now lol
  2. PeteRS3lee

    9 months on

    Yet another month goes by ............................
  3. PeteRS3lee

    8 months on

    Not sure I should keep going No one even cares no more There’s nothing new on the horizon that I can see
  4. PeteRS3lee

    7 months on

    Much More important things going on Than a car So no pressing or complaining from me Stay safe all of you Please
  5. PeteRS3lee

    6 months on

    Im still here waiting waiting waiting getting bored now but richer i can now pay for it all and have change so much so i could go and buy a poverty spec RS4 any news anyone ???????
  6. PeteRS3lee

    5 months on

    Well I will tell you what nowt that’s what speak next month lol goodbye
  7. PeteRS3lee

    4 months on

    Well, pah, Nowt new except a green/camouflage 1 Anyone else got any news C’mon I don’t mind lies and fake news
  8. PeteRS3lee

    3 Months on

    Obviously not going to much here till we all get over the S3 But at least i'm still 3 months into a build slot Who else can say that ? You'll all have your jealous pants on Have my exclusive colour sorted though LOL
  9. PeteRS3lee

    2 months on

    Nothing to report apart from ive still not even seen, in the flesh a new audi A3 Maybe next month
  10. PeteRS3lee

    A month On

    Such A boring thread as there's no change or anything to report a month on apart from the rumours of a 414 BHP and a 444BHP RS3 and a few spy shots going round the track Anyone else got any more info yet Changed my avatar though Anyone else gonna take the plunge Just me then
  11. PeteRS3lee

    Need a new sub forum Audi RS3 8Y Just for me, cos i have no friends

    Deposit On and on a list for One of the first RS3 Saloon 8Y (if thats its official title) ( sure i read it somewhere), So just like everyone here that has patiently gone through the process . the waiting starts as of today with an official down payment and an invoice for the deposit amount Just...
  12. PeteRS3lee

    Next Gen RS3, or not ???

    Hi Apologies, if i am starting a thread already covered a few times already. Dilemma is do i order an all singing/dancing RS3 now or ,wait and see if or what , the new RS3 has to offer I've seen the heavily disguised A3/S3 as i'm sure we all have, will there even be a new RS3, will it still...