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    Alternator pulley - dodgy new part?

    Hi all, Just got a new alternator pulley I'm about to fit. When I rotate the pulley (whilst holding the centre) it seems quite hard to turn by hand, but it does turn. It locks as normal when I rotate the other way. Is this resistance normal as I was expecting it to freewheel much better...
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    Alternator pulley replacement help

    Hi Guys, My alternator pulley is making a squealing noise at around 3000rpm and doesn't free wheel very smoothly in one direction. Clutch still engages well in other direction but i want to replace it.., - Does the alternator need to be removed to take the pulley off and how do you stop the...
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    Engine mount help

    Half way through a timing belt change an noticed my engine mount is leaking fluid. ecp sell Hutchinson or ocap mounts, either of these similar to oem quality? Or any advice which ones to buy to keep oe quality?
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    F1 autocentre just put my s3 through a 2wd brake tester

    Guys, thoughts and advice please. F1 autocentre just MOT'd my car and started the 2 wheel drive powered brake tester rollers on the back end of the car. I was watching because I don't have much faith in garages and ran out to stop him, back wheels were rotating for about 30 seconds with the...
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    Clutch change advice....leaking fluid.

    My clutch slave cylinder has finally given up after 16 years (12 years of my ownership) and I have found brake fluid leaking from the transmission. Clutch is still original @ 121k. Wondering when I change the concentric slave cylinder and the clutch what else I should change while I have it in...
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    Best Diesel Tuning Box for MPG?

    Hoping for a bit of advice please. My wife has had her 58 plate 2.0 TDI 143 Avant Auto for a couple of months now and is a little disappointed with the MPG at around 45mpg (driving carefully), but happy with the power. We plan to keep the car for a few years and want to buy a tuning box to...
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    A4 B8 Multitronic Gearbox fault - 2225 RPM Signal from ECU: No Signal

    Had our new car less than 2 weeks and it has a gearbox fault. Its a B8 A4 58 plate avant 2.0 tdi 143. Car has done 56k My wife noticed a couple of times that the engine revs did not seem to match the gear and almost stalling when pulling away. Had the car scanned and have 15 occurrences of the...
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    Track rod inner ends very tight!

    Tried removing one of my track rods from the steering rack with a 15" adjustable and no luck. Presume i need heat? Anyone else struggled to get these off? (Its on a 99 S3 APY) Some power steering fluid then leaked from the rack and now makes a a slight noise when i first turn the wheel in the...
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    Turbo Oil feed pipe - anyone got torque settings?

    Anyone got the torque settings for a replacement turbo oil feed pipe on a 1.9tdi pd 130? Hoping to fit this after lunch if anyone has the figures handy? Paul
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    Turbo failed last night on 1.9 TDI 130 - advice needed please

    Hi all, Wife phoned on her way home from work saying there was a big pop and loss of power on her 52 plate a4 1.9 TDI on 135k. Went to the rescue and sounded like the turbo was making a grinding noise. I'm assuming the bearings have gone so going to remove it and inspect tonight. Disconnected...
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    Best ball joint removal tool type?

    Hi, there seems to be 2 types of ball joint removal tool - either a fork or a threaded puller. Can anyone advise which works best? I imagine i'll only ever use it once... Thanks Paul
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    APY injector seals

    I've noticed I have leaks around my injectors and want to get some new seals. Where is the best place to buy these apart from Audi and are they the same top and bottom on an APY injector?
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    Top Mounts replaced with pics

    Top mounts changed yesterday - found some of the guides a bit misleading as you dont need to undo and remove the lower part of the suspension on a standard S3 setup Undo ARBs both sides Undo xenon height sensor on passenger side Undo top nut (with allen key through the centre of a spark plug...
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    The key to changing rear discs- A4 B6

    I've read many posts about people rounding the 8mm allen key bolt off whilst removing the caliper carrier and discussions around whether you can or can't put a new disc on without removing the carrier. What I didn't read about is there is a cutout on the back of the hub to fit the new disc on...
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    Anyone know why oily residue would be coming out of this hole? see pic...

    Bit confused as to why oil/ grease is coming out of holes below the structure under each footwell - can anyone help?
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    Overheating S3

    Just had a bit of slow journey home and noticed the temp needle had moved up to just under 100 degrees. Scanned when i got home and no fault with the coolant sensor and VCDS showing 99 up to 101 degrees when i went for a short drive. Fan kicking in at about 100 degrees so that works at least...
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    Nearly made it to 100k without an irritating problem

    Had my 99 s3 since 26k, about to hit 100k and 2 days ago a nasty knocking noise has appeared and I need some help as its getting worse rapidly. The front ARB and wishbone bushes were replaced at 70k but everything else is standard and original. I checked the front and rear arbs this evening and...
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    Found this in my sump...

    Changing the pickup up pipe and found this in the sump of my 99 s3 APY. Can anyone identify where its come from and do i need to worry?
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    Help please - Half way through changing cam chain tensioner gasket

    Guys, got the cam cover off to replace the gasket and also about to change the cam chain tensioner gasket and half moon to stop all my leaks, but I dont have the torque settings for refitting the the tensioner. Can anyone help me please? Thanks Paul
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    Rear spring snapped - advice please

    Just wondering if you need spring compressors to fit new rear springs or just a jack under the hinged arm will be enough to reconnect the damper? 1 ring off the base has snapped on my offside rear spring. Car is 9 years old on 109k, seems to be fairly common on this age of Audi.