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  1. S3 Turbo

    RS3 saloon air vents

    The RS3 saloon air vents look different than on the pfl RS3 sportback if I'm not mistaken, and very nice! Anybody knows if there is a part number and whether it is possible to order these yet? Checked two online parts catalogues but these didn't have the RS3 saloon yet...
  2. S3 Turbo

    Intake Vwr R600 vs Forge vs X34

    Hi! Have decided to buy a closed intake for the S3. Mainly interested in performance benefits (together with jb1 'stage 1'). After lots of searching and review reading, following are the candidates: Vwr r600 + silicon inlet hose 034 motorsports X34 Forge Carbon Both the vwr and x34 have good...
  3. S3 Turbo

    Yet another S3 saloon order

    Hi fellows! I live in Sweden but the 8V part of our Audi forum is practically dead so thought I'd share my joys and sorrows here instead. Also I apologize in advance for not perfect English... Kind of hooked to the forum already, reading the 8V section almost daily including essential...