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    speaker replacement

    HI all, I have the Audi Sound System fitted on my A3 cabriolet and the front driver door speaker seems to be vibrating/blown, any idea if the speaker grill pops off without taking the whole door card off?
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    Subwoofer control just disappeared

    I have searched the 8V forum for an answer/fix for my problem. I see that many FL (2017) cars with Audi Sound System or B&O don't have the subwoofer control anymore in the MMI, my problem is that I did have it and now it has just disappeared. I have a 2014 PFL with Audi SS and Tech pack, any...
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    MMI volume display

    When I turn the volume dial on the centre console to adjust the volume of the radio the display shows a volume "bar" with a number, if I turn the dial so the bar shows half way the volume number shows somewhere around 20, thought it should display 50 as in 50% volume. Is it just my MMi or do...
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    A3 Convertible rear quarter window fault

    Hi, has anyone else had a problem with the rear quarter windows not closing when putting the roof up/down? My near side one drops about 3 inches to close the roof then moves up about one inch then drops straight back down, doesn't do it all the time though, software issue? I thought it may be...