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    For Sale RNSE Navigation Plus and CD Changer

    Removed from a 57 plate S4. Good condition. Tiniest of slight marks here and there as expected, but really nothing at all. Comes with 2015 Navigation CD, 2x SD cards, and 6x CD's which I cant be bothered to remove haha. Bargain at £150
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    Battery drain with ignition on...........whats the current supposed to be?

    Just tinkering with a lower than I'd like battery voltage on my B7 S4, so started measuring. Drain with everything off and asleep is about 30ma, and I've never had any problems overnight etc, so that seems fine. But its the battery drain with the ignition on that seems higher than it should...
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    B7 S4 V8 downpipes blocked, stuck for what to do?

    My Auto B7 S4 had miltek sports cats fitted to it when I bought it, which at the time was great. However, according to the ECU, both cats are now blocked/restricted. Seeing as the sport cats are basically just a pre cat, with no main cat, it means I cant just smash the cats out. So I'm either...
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    S4 4.2 V8 Intake Manifold Spacers......anywhere in Uk or Europe?

    As I'm gonna be taking my inlet manifold off, I figured I'd like to fit the JHM spacers found here: However, it adds up to a fair chunk of change with...
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    A4 DTM P0011 after camshaft replacement

    Little bit of a life story coming up, but bear with me...... Chain/tensioner and pick up pipe replaced by garage back in feb as a preventative measure. Garage managed to mess up the timing which bent some valves. They replaced them and fitted new belt etc etc, and all seemed ok other than I...
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    A4 2.0tfsi DTM starting problem

    For ages now (in fact I think since I bought it in February) my car has had problems starting. It will sometimes start fine, and other times not. It doesnt matter whether it is hot or cold! If I give it some throttle when starting, it start fine, bang on the button, but if not, then it just...
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    Audi specialist in Essex (or not too far from Essex)

    Anyone know of a clued up Audi/Vag specialist in the Essex area or within a sensible travelling distance? Big or small company, just want someone who actually knows a bit about the 2.0tfsi engines as I need some advice on a few things, but its the sort of thing you need to show someone, rather...
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    A4 2.0tfsi Stage 2+ running rich....hotter plug??

    Right, bought my DTM a month ago, and its had a stage 2+ remap done by AMD. Its got uprated intercoolers, fuel pump, RS4 fuel valve, inlet flaps deleted, sports cat and exhaust, panel filter....the usual. However, the guy I bought it from had S3 injectors fitted because he was going to put a...
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    A4 DTM Quattro Lowering spring choices

    Ok, sorry for starting a new thread, as I've searched and searched, and yes, theres loads of threads about lowering springs, but seems to be mostly FWD. However, there doesnt seem to be a massive amount about quattro lowering springs. As I see it, there is only really two choices: H&R 45mm, or...
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    2.0tfsi oil pump, is it worth it?

    I'm new here, and didnt want to hijack someone else's thread, so thought I ask this question to the "guru's"........ just bought a 2005 DTM, so my first job is having the pick up pipe, chain and tensioner done (not exactly cheap, but needed lol), and I was thinking about the pump as well. With...