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    All new S3

    Not sure on the colour front - think I'd need to see some in the flesh before making a decision. Don't worry - I wouldn't even consider it! You can but they won't be new which the S3 would be - I'd also be going for a CLA which fully specc'd would be around the 50k mark new.
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    All new S3

    Now that the Vorsprung edition is available I'm very tempted to place an order. I personally don't think the 47k price point is too bad, especially compared to how much a fully specc'd A35 is or the Golf R. The Vorsprung is giving me every optional extra I'd want without any compromises (unlike...
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    All new S3

    Just had a look on the Merc configurator and the price for a fully specc'd 35 is up from 47k to 50k - no doubt due to Brexit and the 45 plus is up to 60k so will just have to wait and see what prices are looking like when I'm actually ready to buy. It might sound daft but Merc isn't offering the...
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    All new S3

    I'm in no major rush to buy - own my current car outright and I'm waiting on my house purchase to complete before I get a new car. I'm just curious if anyone has got any inside knowledge on when they're actually going to be available as at least then I can roughly look forward to some kind of...
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    All new S3

    Anyone know when the Vorsprung edition is going to be available? I've been trying to decide between an s3 saloon and the cla35 for a while but I think I'm going to go for the S3. Considering I'd want all the toys it seems stupid to get anything other than Vorsprung.
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    Insurance question

    i'm same as you, going to be getting an S3 in the next month or so, direct line have quoted me 950
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    OBD II Functions on your iphone shows all the compatible hardware and links to online stores for it.
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    Difference between a Audi A3 1.6 and A3 1.6 Sport V

    i'm looking to buy a S3 over the next few months and i've been quoted 920 from direct line, i'm 21 with 1 years no claims.
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    Someone on here selling this car?

    The thing that concerns me the most is that there were 28 bids on it and it sold for £2,650. I cant believe people actually wanted the thing :think:
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    Someone on here selling this car?

    My God, what the hell is that thing lol
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    can you donut an s3???

    i'd prefer chocolate sprinkles...
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    Elsecar mega meet.

    think i'll have a look, only about 2 mins drive from mine, not got an s3 yet, but wouldn't mind havin a look about
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    black parts of bumpers

    how should we know lol :p
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    looks like someone got a good buy|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318 dosn't look like a bad buy does it :p
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    upgrade from symphony 2 to symphony 2 +

    i'm not really bothered about the RNS-E as i've got a seperate sat nav, what radio reception issues would i have? and would it be a good fit or would it require modification?
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    upgrade from symphony 2 to symphony 2 +

    hi, does anyone know if it'd be possible to upgrade from a symphony 2 to a symphony 2 + such as the one shown here...