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  1. Minion Bob!

    Service Price

    £360 - £440!!!! Seriously!!!! Can I ask which specialist you used - are they a chain of independents or similar - and assuming no issues with warranty etc. ?
  2. Minion Bob!

    Service Price

    Hi All 15 Plate 3V needs a service (2 Year/20,000) within the month. Was looking for comparison on what others have paid. I'm in the Birmingham Area if that helps from a Geography perspective but interesting to know what the prices are up and down the country too. Interested to see if...
  3. Minion Bob!

    Audi Pre Sense Front (Manual Transmission)

    Hi guys I've had my car nearly 9 months now and luckily never had the car have to deploy PreSense Front . Obiously I've had it aid me on a few occasions where it flashes up but these are where I've also realised and been taking action at the same time. So it got me wondering, I have a...
  4. Minion Bob!

    Differences between MY15 & MY16

    interior rear view mirror was changed in FY16 to a larger one and the rev counter has a "ready" position for when the start stop kicks in. If you have a search theres an internal document on here somewhere which was around about the time i bought my car, but theres nothing major. Nav wasnt...
  5. Minion Bob!

    To heat or not to heat the seat!!!!!!

    Definite must have! The air conditioning gets hot pretty quick but nothing beats the lovely instant heat of the heated seats.
  6. Minion Bob!

    Auto dimming interior mirror - opinions

    Dimming mirror works brilliantly (MY16 mirror) are you sure your sensor isn't obstructed in any way by a light of some sort (i.e from a dash cam) ?
  7. Minion Bob!

    adaptive cruise control

    In theory your asking for basic cruise control. No if you have adaptive cruise control then the only thing you can do is reduce the distance to 1 which would get you very close before starting to break. Although why your trying to deactivate this seems to have all of us here a bit puzzled.
  8. Minion Bob!

    Is this VCDS cable genuine ?

    I've tried that again hopefully the picture is showing now
  9. Minion Bob!

    Is this VCDS cable genuine ?

    Its embeded within the post, I couldnt get it to upload. Its a friends cable, its printed with VAG Com 11.11 on the back and has a sticker on the front that says Hex + Can with ross techs web address at the bottom, no serial number and when i tried using it the driver doesnt install for it on...
  10. Minion Bob!

    Is this VCDS cable genuine ?

    Hi Guys, just wanted to ask if anyone could tell me if this cable is genuine?
  11. Minion Bob!

    Dash Cam Question - Blackview DR650 2Chn Owners

    Brilliant and have you had any "low battery" warnings or anything like that. Can I ask where you got the ferrite's from and if you've got a picture of how you've attached them.
  12. Minion Bob!

    Dash Cam Question - Blackview DR650 2Chn Owners

    Hi For anyone that owns this camera, more specifically in the A3, do you have any issues in terms of DAB radio interference? or any other issues, such as battery drain and start stop not being able to work.
  13. Minion Bob!

    Front and Rear Dash Cameras?

    Which model do you have of the blackview? I currently have a lukas but it has problems so have to return it.
  14. Minion Bob!

    Light bulb change

    Thats an amazing amount of light from the side lights! Gona have to see if I can get myself some of these!
  15. Minion Bob!

    New Car Being Tested - Any Idea's?

    Interesting... I was thinking jag but then said no because it looks more like a hatchback... do they make any hatchbacks? Thought it was only saloons, estates and sports cars...It had no boot or very little of one... say when it goes by you that paint realIly does confuse you it's really hard...
  16. Minion Bob!

    New Car Being Tested - Any Idea's?

    Hi Guys, Spotted this on my drive to work this morning! Always see pictures of car's being tested in the "undercover" paint but never seen one in the UK. Any idea's what car this is? New Car Being Tested - Any Idea's?
  17. Minion Bob!

    Amazon Prime Music

    Amazon prime is starting to show more value. The new clarkson, hammond and may show which starts next year (for 3 seasons :)) is definetly a plus!!! But they do need to improve their catalogue of both music and shows
  18. Minion Bob!

    What is the view on Dash cams and self incrimination

    Good read here on how it's treated. This is West Midlands Police who are setting up a dedicated process to processing dash cam footage sent in.
  19. Minion Bob!

    Light bulb change

    Can I ask where you got your bulbs from my side lights are the ugly yellow. Dipped are white from the factory along with the fogs so the sides really drive me nuts since I noticed on Monday.