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  1. Helifella

    Quotes for used rims & winters

    Morning all, I’m after a favour - an ASN member’s widow has asked me for help. She has a set of these alloys shod with winter tyres that came off her late hubby’s TTRS and she’d like to know what they’re likely to be worth? At present I have limited info, in fact just the attached photo. She...
  2. Helifella

    Audi Beam

    Now available as a genuine accessory, I decided to treat myself. I've got two pairs, with having a sportback. 'quattro' is also available.
  3. Helifella

    North Yorkshire Regional Monthly Mini-Meet - The Kestrel (Vintage Inn, Harrogate)

    Hi everyone, Can I have a show of hands who would be interested in a late lunch / drinks gathering at... Venue: The Kestrel, which is a Vintage Inn on the South East side of Harrogate. Date: Saturday 12th September 2015 Time: 13:30 onwards Website...
  4. Helifella

    Sporty accessory for diesels coming

    Sytner Audi have announced a new exhaust accessory to give a sportier sound for our oil burners. Pre-order Active Exhaust sound system 11 June 2015 Updated: now includes fitted price and more parts information AU0542-15 We’re introducing a brand new accessory which gives Audi diesel models a...
  5. Helifella

    Charity Drive out to the North York Moors

    Hi everyone, Just realised i'd not posted this on here. Yet it's almost on your doorstep. Although starting & finishing at Harrogate you're more than welcome to drop in on the route part-way round to save the southern leg. If you put your name down, please state that you'll be joining from the...
  6. Helifella

    150tdi/S-tronic 2nd gear grumble

    Over the last month my car has developed a transmission noise which I want to see if anyone else has. Either on the flat or incline, accelerate gently as if in a queue of traffic, allow the car to get into D2 and lift off and let it coast / drive via idle speed. The sound is like a shaft...
  7. Helifella

    Any members near Henlow?

    Hi all, My sister is keen to get involved and lives in Henlow. Are there any meets nearby? This link i'd posted in the SE area forum.
  8. Helifella

    [Jun 28, 2015] North Yorkshire Moors Drive Out In Aid of Charity (Harrogate, North Yorkshire)

    Hi everyone. I've just had a light bulb moment... I'm currently trying to fund raise for a public access defibrillator for my home town of Knaresborough and i've been struggling for ideas. Then it just came to me - A drive out into the Yorkshire Dales & Moors in aid of charity. I've been on...
  9. Helifella

    Anyone near Henlow, Beds

    Hi, my Sister lives in Henlow and becoming rather jealous of my interactions with the club, so she'd like to join. Are there any members who meet nearby? She is currently in an Scuba blue A5 SB 3ltr TDI, think its her 4th or 5th Audi, so could say a bit of a fan, as is her son too.
  10. Helifella

    City Lighting??

    Had a quick search for this on here and looked at main Audi configuration site to no avail. City lighting came up as an unchecked option in VCDS yesterday when I had a quick poke about. Anyone (no pun) shed any light on this feature? I'm guessing it's to do with beam pattern?
  11. Helifella

    iPad bracket / mount

    Evening all, I'm after a decent bracket to mount an iPad so my 3yo daughter can watch a film or two whilst on a long journey. Any suggestions? I've got a new A3 Sportback and she sits in the back left seat.
  12. Helifella

    Build week teaser - Immingham Dock.

    Well folks, I just happened to be checking powerlines this morning in East Yorkshire and happened to take a break and take an orbit over Immingham Docks. So thought you might like to see where your UK cars arrive in the country.
  13. Helifella

    Replacement adhesive gel pads

    I've got a Blackvue 550 in my 8P which I am going to swap over to my 8V. Having used my spare gel sticky pad when I needed a replacement windscreen I need to source another. Any stockist or alternative mounting suggestions greatly received. Thanks.
  14. Helifella

    Gear Selection Refusal

    Got my 8P 150 TDi manual into Harrogate Audi today. Over the last few weeks, when it's sat for a day, the next morning I can't get it into reverse, this week I've even struggled to get 1st or 2nd too. I've tried to rock the transmission by selecting the opposite gear and raise the clutch to...
  15. Helifella

    S-Tronic info

    Just found this nugget. I used to find the "ease off the gas" during a change made for great gear changes in my old Brabus Smart, same apparently applies to the S-tronic box too.
  16. Helifella

    Not spec'd advanced key

    I didn't choose the advanced key on my order last week, so will there be the push button start? If there is the button, does the key need to be in the ignition and turned to illuminate the amber captions?
  17. Helifella

    Just ordered my 2nd Audi

    Hi everyone, As a member in the 8P forum for three years, it's ordering time for its replacement. I was aiming for the A6 ultra until my fleet folk delayed my access and up'd the cost of the Ultra by the time I was on the system. With that and the over subscribed on-street parking, I thought...
  18. Helifella

    A6 Ultra anyone?

    Would love to see any photos if you have an Ultra especially a black edition saloon in Daytona. Also keen to hear your views on specs? Matti.
  19. Helifella

    RNSE not talking to the ignition anymore.

    Hi, a friend of a friend has an RS4 with nav and I believe AMI (iphone connection) The issue he has is recently the RNSE has stopped switching with the ignition, ie ignition on, RNSE doesn't come on anymore and vice versa, ignition off RNSE stays on. Obviously he can press the button on RNSE...
  20. Helifella

    Blackvue DR550GW 2 channel in-car camera installation Here is a link to my install in my 8P A3 SB.