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  1. hollows wife

    Clicking noise help

    Mine did the same . N it was brakes pads. Had proper warn em out lol
  2. hollows wife

    Casting iphone apps to RNSE

    the second unit can be found alot cheaper approx £29 on the net by sourcing it from top one most likely as well . i used the 2nd unit in my old a3 for a reversing camera , didnt try it for video casting . worked perfect for the camera , although did find the canbus comms to be a bit...
  3. hollows wife

    Disc update

    new 2017 disk is out on the net for download ,just need compatible burner and a good quality verbatim disk to make ur own
  4. hollows wife

    Will my s3 be a write off?

    mine has been repaired by audi 's bodyshop . done a really good job on the repairs .
  5. hollows wife

    replacement MMI 07 Control Head without component protection

    does anyone sell replacement mmi units with no component protection ? rather than the price of over £1600 given by audi. been asked by a freind with a car sales pitch. as he sold an a4 thinking that the navigation unit was faulty he sent the unit away for repair ,when it returned it was...
  6. hollows wife

    Bargain fog bulbs

    can buy the resisitors pre made on ebay with the plugs on each end to fit the fog lamps , around £6 for the pair
  7. hollows wife

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    if any one is in s yorks and needs to rent the use of a 2 post ramp let me know have a workshop but unable to use it at the moment due to illness so would be good to put the money towards the rent , tea,coffee facilities ,large tv on wall , most likely use of tools etc.
  8. hollows wife

    Problem Starting - Hot or Cold

    starter motor turning too slow , may sound like its fine but the rpm of the starter has to reach a specific rpm for the car to start . could be as easy as that . you can either get a recon/new one or if capable enough strip the starter ,clean out all the old grease ,clean the amature ,re-grease...
  9. hollows wife

    MOT cover

    lol , well would be fine just check the small print for wear and tear items ,windscreen cracks chips etc what may not be covered .besides that its only double price of an mot anyway so worth a punt i guess
  10. hollows wife

    audi A3 blacked out front grille

    a3 / s3 front grill stupid question but im brain fried . same fitment ,i,e does the s3 front gril fit the a3 bumper and vice versa ? after some stupid git crushed the front of car cos he forgot to apply handbrake , i need to purchase a new grill for s3 front bumper . insurance wont pay £410 for...
  11. hollows wife

    Audi A3 8p cr170 remap?

    mapped my own cr 170 and gutted dpf at the same time but myself left the egr in . one reason only helps get car upto temp quicker in the colder weather ,normally car doesn't smoke ,but my wife drives like miss daisy most of the time so when she does actually boot it i do get a puff of black...
  12. hollows wife

    2010 A3 1.6 TDI CR intermittent starting issue.....

    would have suggested injectors myself . also the calibratioon values on the injectors need inputting in vcds some ppl just swap the injectors without doing the calibration values ,which would still cause the car to run rough
  13. hollows wife

    MY04 Headlight & Tail light Upgrade Choices?

    the lights youo have put up are for the face lift 09 onward , you would reqiure the upggraded front end wings bonnet bumper etc to make them fit , plus the conversion loom for the lights ,then they need wiring into the car and coding with vcds
  14. hollows wife

    My new Haldex problem + code after fixing last one! (2248 N373)

    glad someone on here has the brains to try and repair something themselves instead of just sending it in for repair , its probably going to be fine now and most likely saved you hundreds of ££ for someone to do the exact same as you did ,or even say its not repairable and charge you extra for a...
  15. hollows wife

    MOT cover

    why pay £750 for cover if youve never used it and probably never have to , its like giving money away for free
  16. hollows wife

    Interior trim removal ?

    you could always remove the vinyl trim if you ever come to sell the car as its easy to remove
  17. hollows wife

    How can you stop the TUNE2AIR

    just get rid and put your music on an sd card for the rnse
  18. hollows wife

    front parking sensors with ops

    thanks for the info , 1 more question the loom has 2 options of a single switch or multi switch dash 2012 ? cant even check as car is in body shop been stripped
  19. hollows wife


    have a full set of sline tdi springs sat in the garage if there needed