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    Happy Birthday Sandra

    Yes ,Happy Birthday to you.
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    Facelift Sunroof Service? What!?

    I had a pano roof on my late A3 sport back in 7 years never had a service I just cleaned and oiled the runners it was fine.
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    New Member on the Moderation Team. (Dubjam)

    Good luck in your new role
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    Who has the dirtiest a3/s3

    Well said above
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    Wipers moving

    My A3 does it \|
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    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all the team, also all forum members have a good one.
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    Oil Change, how often?

    I do average 10,000 miles a year and do a change my self and a change at annual service
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    God Bless! I'm leaving :(

    Enjoy the new motor
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    A new event: Simply Audi at Beaulieu - April 29th 2018

    It is a new event so have bee told
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    MOT Pass and Tyres that keep on going.......

    Wife’s car is having 4 Bridge stone tyres replaced on her Nissan Micra as they were degrading she was told they should be replaced at 5 or 6 years, clan see that there is very fine cracks in the wall of the tyre so thinking better safe than sorry
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    Happy Birthday Sandra

    A big Happy Birthday to you
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    Any watch fans

    I like watches so have an Omega, Rolex, and Tag heuer
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    I know there was a bit of a wait last show but it was still worth it at the end and am looking forward to this years show
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    A3’s in snow

    Winter tyres are not just for snow they give better grip at low temperatures
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    What watch do you have?

    Rolex oysterdate Omega de Ville Tag Heuer Formula1
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    Be aware be safe

    Glad to hear no harm came to any of your family, so many of these scumbags going around today
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    Do you remember........................

    Meccano, and sweets for 1d. Saturday morning picture club and making my own scooter with wood and ball bearing wheels, collecting coal in a bag + the accumulator for the radio.
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    My new wheels........!!

    Look very smart