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  1. Ja5on

    Facelift TR Hamza MRC

    hahaahahaha, yep coining it in. I'll be going to MRC for my tune regardless
  2. Ja5on

    Facelift TR Hamza MRC

    Intersting. Im looking at getting mine done by MRC in the near future
  3. Ja5on

    Rear Anti-Roll Bar upgrade advice

    034 rear bar is on offer this month
  4. Ja5on

    Sportback Passenger Footwell Soaking Wet

    Glad you got it sorted mate. I found water around my battery in the boot few months back. Hasnt returned since. Think I was just a bit keen with the pressure washer
  5. Ja5on

    Generic RS3 snags

    Juddering wipers and exhaust rattle are only ones I've really taken note of. Squeaky brakes on occasion but most of my previous cars have a had performance pads in which were way worse noise wise so don't see it as an issue.
  6. Ja5on

    Audi finance

    I've filled in a form through the website, but heard nothing back. From what I could see a payment holiday for a max of 60 was maybe possible. I'm not long back from offshore and due to being high risk I'm to shield for 12 weeks and as it stands my agency aren't willing to furlough me..... so...
  7. Ja5on

    GPF REVO Stage 1

    Both! I'm trying very hard to refrain from modding
  8. Ja5on

    GPF REVO Stage 1

    Think I now hate you just a little bit Riko
  9. Ja5on

    2019 Gpf RS3

    Grr which I hadnt seen this, so tempted to get mine done
  10. Ja5on

    Saloon Steering Wheel Alcantara Wear

    great results
  11. Ja5on

    Saloon Steering Wheel Alcantara Wear

    biggest fear I have over the Alcantara is that happening. Bad practice I know but on motorway driving I try and hold the leather parts of the wheel. Even then after a few months of ownership I have to admit I find the Alcantara wheel a downside of the car. Alcantara and race gloves, lovely...
  12. Ja5on

    New owner security questions

    Faraday pouches and thats it
  13. Ja5on

    Brake bedding?

    Sounds about right
  14. Ja5on

    Brake bedding?

    Maybe follow the manufacturer's procedure again. But if it's a more track/fast road setup you are running sadly squealing is can be a downside to the setup. I've had the same issues with all my cars that have had a track based pad fitted.
  15. Ja5on

    2019 RS3 gets smashed by AMG A45s & M2

    End result do you have the car you want? If these sort of videos annoy you go then but what ever car wins. Personally I don't give two FFs about these sort of videos, there do many different factors to take into account there no point waste brain real estate on it. Yes I've got a 69 reg RS3...
  16. Ja5on

    Audi rs3 best tyres

    Plenty of threads about this subject recently started. Your local garage guy just sounds like he's trying to cover his ****
  17. Ja5on

    Sportback Michellin ps4s?

    On previous cars I've had I'd say the Goodyear Assy's and the MPSS have been the best tyres. Granted I used them both on very different cars ( EVO ix & GTR ), but both cars were used on road and track. MPSS definitely had a funny reaction after the first time they were used on track. Could...
  18. Ja5on

    RS3 saloon - Daytona Grey

    Glad you got what you wanted. I got mine from Glasgow and can't exactly say the experience was all that great. Got the car I wanted in the end so that's all I'm worried about. There was a bit of a "misunderstanding" over the order, which they did fix. But still soured the "buying a new...
  19. Ja5on

    Facelift 2019 RS3 Coolant Leak

    Well said. Just need to keep an eye on it. Thats what a warranty is for
  20. Ja5on

    RS3 Sports Exhaust

    Riko, forgive me I'm a bit lost. Does the valve controller gove you full control of the valves in any mode? Eg run in comfort with valves open all the time?