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  1. jimojameso

    Facelift Urus Paddles and Wheel buttons.

    Very nice. Have you worked out how to do the wiring for the buttons? :)
  2. jimojameso

    Coilovers, replace with new strut bearings or bearings+mounts?

    I fitted Bilstein B16. They are awesome! :) Yeah i wouldn't bother with the mounts unless they are high mileage. You will need springs compressors to get the old springs and mounts out. Yes i fitted them myself. Took about three evenings after work going at quite a leisurely pace. If you're...
  3. jimojameso

    Coilovers, replace with new strut bearings or bearings+mounts?

    I did my coilovers last week. I also put in new strut top bearings. Don't worry about the mounts. I ordered mine from crewe audi who are the site sponsor. If you pm him your reg he will sort you out :)
  4. jimojameso

    Looking at getting a S3 but.....

    Walk away! Plenty of decent cars about. :)
  5. jimojameso

    Upgrade, downgrade or sidestep?

    I love the colour! I have never driven one, but i have had an itch for an F80 for a long time! Congrats on the new car!
  6. jimojameso

    Sold Audi A3 8V / S3 / RS3 BAF Motorsport Rear Strut Brace - New

    I have for a sale a brand new BAF motorsport rear strut brace. It is still new in the box and has never been fitted. Comes with all the fitting kit. Can be posted or collected from Bordon, Hampshire. £100 delivered or best offer. Thanks
  7. jimojameso


    Yeah i feel your pain. I never use main stealers anymore. Hope you get the gearbox sorted.
  8. jimojameso

    For Sale H&R Springs - RS3 8V PFL

    I have some H&R springs for sale. Only selling as i have upgraded to Bilstein coilovers. Used for 15k miles. They might fit the facelift hatch as well, but you would have to check yourself. Can be posted or collected from Bordon, Hampshire. Price includes delivery. Picture attached with springs...
  9. jimojameso

    Insurance telematics boxes

    It's a nightmare here! I have declared all my modifications but it really restricts how many insurers you have access too. It's a nightmare in the UK. :(
  10. jimojameso

    Insurance telematics boxes

    I think if any RS3 owner on here had one of these, their insurance would be cancelled within a week ha ha!
  11. jimojameso

    Facelift Drive System Fault

    Oh dear. Hope it's nothing bad! :(