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  1. ToonRing-G

    Should my DV sound like this with S2000 filter fitted

    Thanks! I also have the sound deadening removed from the underside of the bonnet, which makes it marginally louder. Im used to old ford RS Turbos, so to me, this is really quiet lol the V3 was an easy fit, the only thing I would say, is that I had to trim about an inch or so off at the MAF end...
  2. ToonRing-G

    Accelerator Pedal vibration/shaking

    knackered flywheel perhaps?
  3. ToonRing-G

    Should my DV sound like this with S2000 filter fitted

    as has been said, that's broke! should sound like machine's, and like mine... although mine is the badger 5 v3 TIP & JR Filter, with a forge 007p
  4. ToonRing-G

    Powerflow exhaust creating blue flame

    I have a milltek non res, relentless dp & decat, and not so much as a hint of a pop, bang, or flame from the back, if that swings your opinion any Joe
  5. ToonRing-G

    Love it when a parcel arrives :D

    Got a knock at the door today and to my surprise, my hoses for my FMIC had arrived! Wasn't expecting them till next week either :) love it when things turn up early! Ordered from eBay, 3x 90 degree 63mm blue hoses, 3x 90 degree 63mm alloy pipe, 1x 63mm alloy joiner, and a load of jubilees :)...
  6. ToonRing-G

    strange mot advisories!

    when I got the car the mot had an advisory for "Engine Covers obscuring engine components" surely.. that's their purpose...
  7. ToonRing-G

    Cheap Toothpaste Read On...

    I find glass polish does the same job..
  8. ToonRing-G

    Broken Recaro Armrest Fix... COST EFFECTIVE!! S3 8L

    mine lives in the up position anyway, I don't drive long distances and therefor use the handbrake, which you pretty much cant use with the armrest down.. so even if it did break and stay up, I wouldn't really care lol
  9. ToonRing-G

    S2000 air filter fitted - these noises normal?

    I think there's definitely something wrong there, it shouldn't be chattering! This is what mine sounds like with a Badger5 v3 TIP & JR Filter, and its a Forge 007p Valve, N248 Removed, Also have the bonnet sound deadening removed.
  10. ToonRing-G

    Exhaust Hanger bracket price (part no's included)

    Fantastic, i'll head to Glasgow Audi and get those ordered, unless I can somehow order them from yourselves?
  11. ToonRing-G

    Another day another problem

    If I remember correctly, pulling the fuse won't stop the prop spinning at all, personally with the bang and the vibration I would be very reluctant to drive it 100 miles unless you can figure out the cause.
  12. ToonRing-G

    Exhaust Hanger bracket price (part no's included)

    Hi, looking for a price for Bracket : 1J0253461J (x1) and Retaining Ring : 1J0253147C (x1) also the nuts.. Hexagonal Nut Self Locking : N 90074401 (x4) thanks
  13. ToonRing-G

    S3 Parts website

    I tend to use GSF (German Swedish French) for parts Car Parts – Fast Delivery of Discount Car Parts at GSF Car Parts :)
  14. ToonRing-G

    Middle exhaust hanger

    I wondered why my milltek had a hanger and nothing to hang it on! if this fits for you then i'll get it ordered up :)
  15. ToonRing-G

    Rear seat delete

    I did this last year for a track night at Knockhill, the rear seatbacks actually weigh a fair amount, to the extent that for the first time since it was lowered, the car actually sat evenly and wasn't lower at the rear! Honestly, they aint light those things!
  16. ToonRing-G

    Another silver S3…lets see what happens..

    very nice! not that I'm at all biased having a silver one myself lol Very much liking the front grille without the chrome, I think I may have to be doing that myself..
  17. ToonRing-G

    what head units does everyone have?

    Alpine CDE-W235BT and it looks lovely in the S3 :) when the colour is changed to the red setting it matches the dash lights perfectly
  18. ToonRing-G

    **Group Buy** Quattro tie arms

    Received today, Cheers Dave!
  19. ToonRing-G

    Who else has removed the Catalytic converter shield from under the cat?

    mine rattled aswell, so I got a dp, decat, and milltek lol suppose removing it woulda been cheaper lol
  20. ToonRing-G

    S3 Armrest Question

    the armrest is f**king useless anyway, mine stays up constantly because I quite like being able to use the handbrake.. AWFUL design lol I've been tempted to just remove mine altogether!