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  1. Shez

    Attendee list Performance German Day Castle Combe 13th july 2019

    1. Gazwould 2. Callump01 3. TX 4. simonali 5. i3oricua (Edgar) 6.Jordan hessey 7. Harvey Nokes 8. Paulbean 9. Ben_r1 10. MrRenz35 11. Desertstorm 12. Shez - A4 Cab I need to purchase a ticket but can’t add a club now. Hopefully we won’t be pushed to a public car park and not allowed to park...
  2. Shez

    Attendee list VAG Tuner Live 16th July 2017

    Attendees; 1) MikeSel^ 2) DJAlix 3) Shez
  3. Shez


    See you at 11am on Sunday.
  4. Shez


    Hi All, Is this still planned to go ahead this weekend? If so i'll see you there. Thanks.
  5. Shez


    I can do the 9th. See you then. What are the timings?
  6. Shez


    1. Fanta - Luke - red audi A4 AVANT 2. THQuattro - Toby -RS4 3. S3DUST - Richard - Blue TTRS or Black Q7 4.Bredhurst Steve A6 3.0 5._Mac Red S4 Cab 6. Ian - Yellow Abt S1 7. Tashfeen - White S4 or A4 B7 8. NL316 - Berty A4 9. 347 - John -Daytona grey S3 8v 10.Alex _Wil - Alex - UNDERCOVER AUDI...
  7. Shez

    Attendee list Aitp9 13th August 2017 Dene Park, Corby, Northamptonshire

    1. Administrators 2. Jg51 Audi - John + Ryan 3. Macdoon -Mac 4. Mark A5 -Mark 5. Chris Wheatcroft 6. MattSedg 7. Smokeymike 8. TonyH38 9. RAF_S7 10. DJAlix 11.Audispy 12. Mark_86 -Mark 13.drewz2514 14. Tyler Davies 15. Rob2k68 16. 15Degrees and the race car 17. S3Jackson 18. BibbsOnTour - Ben...
  8. Shez

    Attendee list for ADI 11th October 2014

    1. JoJo - 8L S3 2. rhubarb4 - 8L S3 3. Warren_S5 -S5 4. G_shail 5. Andy Crooks 6. Nicksthebiz - 8L S3 7. Jarrod - 8L Slow3 8. Forbzeeee - 8P S3 9. Av4nt 10. Ash B - A4 DTM 11. Jarhyd - A3 12. The Doctor (Paul) - 8L S3 13. theo289 14. jonse 15. Charlie23 - 8P S3 16. #Nick - A4 B6 Avant 17...
  9. Shez

    The ASN Clubstand Attendees List ***no discussions***

    JoJo - Joe -S3 8L - Black Reesy - Chris - A3 8L - Blue ScottB5 - Scott - A4 B5 - Red <tuffty/> - Paul - S3 8L - Silver Jay A3 - Jay - A3 8L - White Aragorn - Kev - A4 B5 - Mystery lucky dip Cribbon - A4 B7 Saloon - Silver/Orange Just Plain Old - Stoke_Audi - FranA3 - Fran - A3 8P - Red Nez - -...
  10. Shez

    Audis In The Park 2012. List Thread

    1. cribbon - audi a4 b7 170 2. SmoothAssault - audi a4 b6 190 3. Bigblokey0 - Audi A3 8p 2.0 TFSI 4. gumball b - Red 8L S3 5. Jay A3- Audi A3 8l (Maybe camping) 6. CMD - A4 hotel 7. bigrich690 - Audi A4 b7 140 + camping(hopefully) 8. Westy - Audi S3 8L (not camping ) 9. Ayr_audi_nut......Audi A1...
  11. Shez

    Cleaning A4 roof!!

    Jonny, I use 303 products they do a cleaner and then a protector. You will also need a scrubbing brush. Check out Polished Bliss website, there is a section on cabriolet products found on the left hand side of the site. Polished bliss can be found through any search engine.
  12. Shez

    GTI International 2012 - 23/24 June

    1, Scott B5. 2 days + camping. Audi A4 B5 Avant. 2, s3dave 1 day 24th silver 8L S​3 3, CHEZ 2 days + camping A4 s line avant 4, Speedy Steve 2 days no camping as i live down the road S3 8L 5, Pabs, A4 B6 1.8T 190, 24th (maybe 23rd depends on work) 6, The Doctor (Paul), silver S3 8L - most...
  13. Shez

    Pictures on the South Coast back when the weather was good!!

    You may or maynot remember back in March the weather was rather good. Well it was for those on the south coast and so one night after work i went for a drive with the camera and here are the results. I even came across a platform of some kind, oil/gas i don't know...
  14. Shez

    best stuff for cabbie roof

    I'm with JDM82. Used Auto Glym stuff on my old cab but since I got my new 4 years ago i've been using 303. Just be prepared to get wet when you throw water at it (With either a hose, Jet wash or bucket with hosepipe ban :-( ) as it comes back twice as fast!! :-) Shez
  15. Shez

    Some Recert Pictures of mine after a quick wash and wipe down.

    Location was my drive outside home I have brick lights all around it with daylight energy saving bulbs in. Thanks for the comment much appricated
  16. Shez

    Interior LED Package installed (PIC HEAVY!)

    Gents, fitted all the bulb in the misses A3 except the front door puddle lights which I cannot get the connector far enough out of the aperture to plug the light in. Now I have to free the bottom of the door card to rescue the connector and plug in to the light. Is it just a case of removing the...
  17. Shez

    Audi's in the park photo's

    And for batch 3.... Mostly of my car, sorry.