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  1. The_Ironist

    A3 saloon plastic part under the boot lid

    Do you mean this? Sounds like someone’s pinched your warning triangle.
  2. The_Ironist

    Boot pin flap

    Thanks will have a go.
  3. The_Ironist

    Boot pin flap

    The little plastic cover that covers the pin which the boot lid locks onto has broken. It looks like the spring has just come out of where it should be. I’ve tried fixing through the hole to no joy and guessing I’m going to have to take the whole liner section off to get to it. Any tips/advice...
  4. The_Ironist


    I think this would be the case in many cars if you just open the front. Depending on your head height and height of the windows of course. I've found if you open the rear windows the same amount this helps significantly.
  5. The_Ironist

    Stock exhaust pops and crackle

    Congrats on the purchase, get some pics up after you've collected. Deactivate/unplug the exhaust valves in the open position to start off with. This stops them auto closing at 1-3000rpm when you're more likely to get the pops/crackles and helps maintain noise at lower speeds...
  6. The_Ironist

    What Drive Select Mode do you most often use

    Most of the time it’s individual with everything set to dynamic except suspension which is set to comfort. Lots of potholes round me. Motorway it’s usually in eco with cruise control. When I’m going for it I put it in full dynamic.
  7. The_Ironist

    Time for some fun and to show off your car

    Don't die on me. New next challenge: With a shopping trolley
  8. The_Ironist

    Leather seats

    Yeah would also say perhaps water damaged as that’s where it would sit if a real bucket load got in. Maybe they left the windows open and the rain was mostly on the drivers side. Although I think it would have to sit there a long time to do any damage like that. Alternatively perhaps the...
  9. The_Ironist

    Time for some fun and to show off your car

    Next challenge: A photo with a cat in view
  10. The_Ironist

    Time for some fun and to show off your car

    Nice pic though, where was it taken?
  11. The_Ironist

    Time for some fun and to show off your car

    Apologies for making the challenge too hard and not coming back to change it! Had the perfect landscape photo too! Look forward to getting involved in this.
  12. The_Ironist

    New car / existing car advice...

    I’d keep your car as you’ve spec’d it to your liking and how often would you really get to recognise the power difference anyway. Also the FL saloon you have is better looking and better quality than the new car both inside and out! As above put the balloon on a 3% interest loan and you could...
  13. The_Ironist

    All new S3

    Wow the interior plastic looks awful! Shiny black plastic ****, especially the centre console with the gear selector! Can’t believe the S3 comes with such bland wheels either, wouldn’t even expect something that ugly on an S-Line. Glad I didn’t wait for this ****
  14. The_Ironist

    Service history

    I was told by Audi and my dealer that I needed a code on a tag on the keys which didn’t come with my second hand car and would be about £50 to get a new one...
  15. The_Ironist

    Saying goodbye to the S3

    Will be looking to do the same move at some point. Have had my 17 S3 Saloon for just over a year, has VC and B&O which were my priorities but compromised on nice to haves such as pano and ss seats due to being offered a cracking deal. It’s a good size, love the looks and can’t really fault it...
  16. The_Ironist

    2019 S3 Tyre choice

    Michelin PS4S installed coming from P Zero and very happy. Seem excellent in the wet.
  17. The_Ironist

    Tyre Pressure - 19's

    I run 36 rear 39 front on S3 as per the table. Surprised at the difference but yet perhaps due to weight and comfort.
  18. The_Ironist

    Unplugging S3 Exhaust valves

    Even in dynamic/s the valves don't open until 3000 rpm
  19. The_Ironist

    Unplugging S3 Exhaust valves

    I believe you have to start the car, cycle to dynamic and leave it running while you unplug the valves so they are unplugged while in the open position. If the engine is off when you unplug they will be stuck shut.
  20. The_Ironist

    Unplugging S3 Exhaust valves

    I used both of these although you only need the 2nd item to stop the fault code occurring. It is unavoidable due to the method to not get the fault and have to reset it. The terminators means it won’t re-appear once reset. I don’t think Obd or Carista work on the FL cars, believe unplugging is...