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  1. Boydie

    A3 S-Line/S3/RS3 hatch/sportback roof spoiler

    Hopefully they share the same part. Good spot.
  2. Boydie

    A3 S-Line/S3/RS3 hatch/sportback roof spoiler

    Might have a result
  3. Boydie

    A3 S-Line/S3/RS3 hatch/sportback roof spoiler

    Guys I bought a RS3 hatch roof spoiler and one of the black corner triangles has snapped. before I look into taking it apart and wait for sellers response, can this be removed cleanly and does it have a separate part number? Thanks
  4. Boydie

    FL Sportback RS3 roof spoiler fit PFL S3 hatch?

    I share the same opinion but they are expensive even second hand plus painting so wouldnt want to fork all the money out to fit it doesnt fit! Thanks
  5. Boydie

    FL Sportback RS3 roof spoiler fit PFL S3 hatch?

    Anyone know? Thanks
  6. Boydie

    Wanted FL RS3 8V Spoiler

    If it fits a PFL hatch, preferably in glacier white thanks
  7. Boydie

    FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions & 'How To' Guides On The 8V Chassis

    Maybe asked before but does 8V RS3 sport back FL boot spoiler fit a PFL hatch? Thanks
  8. Boydie

    Alternator output voltage

    @desertstorm thanks for the advice - where is the regulator located? part number? I assume its a bumper off job to get the alternator out, handy enough to put the belt back on? Never done this job before and mechanic cant see me for 2 weeks :( Battery was replace end of 2019 and was reading...
  9. Boydie

    Alternator output voltage

    This popped up this morning on my 2014 S3 :( Anyone a part number for the alternator or an idea of what to check before replacement thanks
  10. Boydie

    Wanted MQB Eurocode Rear Brace Bar

    Finding it difficult to get one posted from the states anyone have one or successfully got one from USA?
  11. Boydie

    For Sale Precision Raceworks/Revo/Walbro LPFP Stage 3 8V S3/Golf R

    I have for sale my USED LPFP from my Stage 3 Revo S3 8V 2014 It was in my car for 2 years and comes with all fittings and a brand new filter (original filter still attached). My photos are too large to attach to this post so if you are interested, I can PM or text them to you. Based in the...
  12. Boydie

    Parts Numbers: door handle and puddle lights

    Guys Looking to add some lighting to my 2014 S3 - the slots are there in the handles for the lights Thanks :)
  13. Boydie

    S3 HPFP Part Numbers

    Yeah i have that spacer installed - all symptoms pointed at the pump moving in the case but sadly mine is at the HP end - find out tomorrow what i need to replace, seal, pump, internals or all :( Garage
  14. Boydie

    S3 HPFP Part Numbers

    @MikeParkin - long story which has been going on for the last number of months but basically was getting low pressure faults Everything at the low pressure end has been changed from the pump housing, pump, filter, spacer added (Stage 3 remember) and control module - probably guts of £600 spent...
  15. Boydie

    S3 HPFP Part Numbers

    Guys Hope you can help - I need to know the part numbers for items 2 and 17 (seals) Thanks
  16. Boydie

    A3/S3 auto fold mirrors.....drivers side slow?

    I will check my battery connections @AlS3BE but don't think it is that - thanks :)
  17. Boydie

    A3/S3 auto fold mirrors.....drivers side slow?

    Thread revival More so in the colder mornings, my folding mirrors dont fold open when I start the car - maybe one does and the other doesnt, same with either side, could be one or the other or both Usually turning the dial on the armrest to fold and then fold out resolves this but sometimes i...
  18. Boydie

    Apple Car Play in 2013 Year Car
  19. Boydie

    Tyre Pressure - 19's

    I have 40 psi all round on my S3 with 19's
  20. Boydie

    Sunday Reading - Injector Cleaning S3

    A bit of history A few months back I was getting a message up on the DIS that start stop had a system fault (Still get it from time to time) Week after the engine light came on with the following faults: Fuel pump speed to low Fuel pressure too low My S3 is Stage 3+ Revo and I have...