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  1. RobinA3

    New Product - A3 8P Door Repair Harness

    Door repair harness for Audi A3 8P 2003 - 2012 for the repair of the common broken wire(s) in the door hinge which leads to non-operational windows etc. Supplied with the correct thickness of wire which is the same as what is used as standard and number of wires is the same as what is fitted as...
  2. RobinA3

    Favour please - image of the front footwell light

    Could someone do me a favour please? I really could do with a picture of the front footwell light fitted on the 8Y or if someone could tell me if its fitted with type 1 or type 2 light housing. TIA!
  3. RobinA3

    A3 8V Footwell Lighting - Red and Blue

    Rocket Wires LTD now stock direct replacement LED bulbs for the Audi A3 8V footwell lights which are available in extra bright white, red or blue. Blue Red
  4. RobinA3

    Door Lighting Question

    All you lucky people with a new 8Y A3 can you tell me whether puddle lights came as a standard feature? Currently we offer lighting kits for 8P and the 8V and would like to expand to supply kits for the 8Y chassis.
  5. RobinA3

    Interior Door Ambient Lighting - Retrofit

    We have got a pair of interior door handles for an A5/S5 which has the optics strips fitted. Are these a standard fit on the A5/S5 or were they an optional extra? If they were an option then would anyone be interested in retro-fitting these to their car with our support with the wiring side...
  6. RobinA3

    Upgraded replacement LED Bulbs - Video Fitting Guide

    Rocket Wires LTD have teamed up with EM Tuning as a stockist of the excellent LED bulbs designed and developed by EM Tuning. We have been using LED bulbs for our lighting kits for many years and are undoubtedly the best quality. Our range of LEDs will be expanded as time goes on but please...
  7. RobinA3

    Gallery - customers vehicles.

    For plenty of pictures demonstrating what Rocket Wires LTD can offer please visit:
  8. RobinA3

    Door Puddle and Warning Light Lighting Kits

    Door lighting kits are available for all models of Audi's- all our harnesses are wired into the control module as they would be if fitted at the factory. Rocket Wires supply a range of different options from harness only to full door kits. Full fitting instructions will be supplied...
  9. RobinA3

    Footwell Lighting Kits

    Footwell lighting kits are available for all models of Audi's with the exception of A4 B6/7 - all our harnesses are wired into BCM as they would be if fitted at the factory. Rocket Wires supply a range of different options from harness only to full front and rear kits. Full fitting...
  10. RobinA3

    Feedback and Reviews

    Feedback and a reviews for Rocket Wires aka RobinA3 products..
  11. RobinA3

    Rocket Wires LTD - who we are and what we do.

    Rocket Wires LTD also know as RobinA3 on here have been making retro-fitment lighting harnesses and kits for Audi's and other VAG vehicles. I am a long serving member on here and have been supplying kits to members for many years. For more details please visit where you...
  12. RobinA3

    Rear footwell light retro fit kit

    I am now able to offer rear footwell lights which will be plug and play. These will fit both the 3dr and sportback models. They are simple to fit: Remove the existing footwell light, plug my loom into the existing connector, plug the light into my loom and then the other end of the cable...
  13. RobinA3

    Extra Boot Light Retro-Fit

    As a part of my puddle light retro fit - and my footwell light retro fit kit -...
  14. RobinA3

    Useful A3 Part Numbers

    Many people pm me regarding part numbers for various parts for the A3. So hopefully this post will help members in the future - may others can post useful part numbers and members can use this thread to request part numbers. I'll start with common part numbers members request from me...
  15. RobinA3

    FAO Anyone near Bracknell who has fitted one of my puddle/warning footwell light kits

    Does anyone live near Bracknell who has fitted one of my kits and willing to help a fello member out fitting a kit to his S3?
  16. RobinA3

    Steering Wheel Retrim - Anyone interested?

    Just wondering if anyone is interested in having their steering wheel retrimmed. I have done a few for members on the S2000 forum and here are some pics: Here is the link to the thread i created over on with feedback from the members who have...
  17. RobinA3

    Scottish Road Trip - Advice needed.

    I am doing a road trip in Scotland in July with a couple mates (they will be taking an 911 4S and a Z4 Alpina). We are heading to Glasgow after work on the Wednesday to get the motorway driving out the way and then on Thursday we will be heading for the good Scottish roads. We will be...
  18. RobinA3

    My A3 is now gone and we now have an R32.

    Sold my A3 this weekend, its gone to a very good home, the new owner is a member on here who did have an A3 2.0TSFI but sold it. It went to Alex with all the mods on it, KW's, FBMFSW etc. The A3 had to make way for this This is our 2nd R32, we sold the first one to...
  19. RobinA3

    Another 'whats it worth' thread - 2.0TFSI S-Line Quattro

    Protentially looking at a bigger 'family' car with 5 doors so just wondering what people think my A3 is worth. Here is the spec: 2.0TFSI S-Line Quattro 6 Speed Manual Nov 2005 55k miles Full Service History inc recent cambelt/water pump/tensioner change Bi Xenons Centre Arm Rest 6...
  20. RobinA3

    Puddle and Warning Light Fitting Guide

    I have created a guide for fitting puddle and warning lights for the A4, the thread is here: The instructions are for both B6 and B7 cars.