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  1. gavsman

    DMF & Clutch

    Audi's website shows £749 - but that is just for a clutch change.....add the DMF & i'm sure that price would go upto around £1500
  2. gavsman

    What a PITA the rear brakes are!

    +1 for the irwin bolt extractor. Did mine a few years ago & had to use the irwin to get the job done ( only needed to do the top bolt & bash the carrier with a rubber mallet to move it n inch to be able to get the new disc on) & new bolts from Audi were only a couple of quid.
  3. gavsman

    DMF & Clutch

    Hi Guys, Not posted in a while, anyway car is now on 142K ( Original Clutch & Flywheel) but it has started to slip, Got quoted Yesterday from local Garage to do the job would be £974 which includes Clutch kit, DMF,Oil & the Labour. Does this sound reasonable? Also do any of you...
  4. gavsman

    where to buy from ???????

    Here you go......Audi alloy wheels | Genuine new 20" Audi 9 Spoke | fits Audi A8 4E Saloon | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd But prob best to try & see what ebay has for A8 wheels - as those wheels cost about 3 times as much as my car!!!!!
  5. gavsman

    Help with paint colour code

    If your still at Halfords - check the wheel well in your boot, there should be a label in there with codes for your car
  6. gavsman

    Door Blades price??

    Sounds like a good price, I'm sure someone on here has said that they are over £400 new for the set of 4
  7. gavsman

    Hello im new need a few bits of advise.

    Pic looks like you have a B5 Avant, you might get some more advise over in the B5 section ( ScottB5 would be the man to ask!) A4/S4 forum(B5 Chassis)
  8. gavsman

    brake pads

    Have you got a standard pd 130? if you have just get some Pagid pads from Euro Car Parts | The UK's Number 1 Provider of Car Parts Online and In Store ( 25% off at the moment with code: WEBSAVER25)
  9. gavsman

    Interior swap!

    how about these then rear seat folds so cant just be Saloon!: AUDI A4 B6 SALOON LEATHER SEATS+DOOR CARDS IN BLACK | eBay
  10. gavsman

    Interior swap!

    Did they Definitely sell on ebay?, as his last post on that thread was 24th Feb 2013.
  11. gavsman

    Interior swap!

    how about these - might still be available: Forum :: The World's #1 Audi R, S and RS Enthusiast Website • View topic - Audi RS4 B7 Recaro (comfort seats)
  12. gavsman

    B5 S4 Engine into B6

    Saw this thread on audizine: The Official B6 2.7T DIY/Swap Guide
  13. gavsman

    Terrible terrible mpg issue

    2 things won't have helped with your mileage. 1) diesel was about 135.9 back in June 2) the cold weather - taking your car alot longer to warm up, which would mean using more fuel. Also does your coolant dial on the dash go up to 90 ( bang in the middle)
  14. gavsman

    Instrument Cluster Buzzer

    Hi Nathan - that would be great if you can see how it comes out!
  15. gavsman

    Instrument Cluster Buzzer

    I'm sure this has been asked before - I get no sound for low fuel, service, ABS & door open lights on etc.. so the buzzer has finally stopped on my car. Has anyone attempted replacing this on the cluster, if so do you have a guide?
  16. gavsman

    Audi A4 1.9 TDi - Temperature Guage

    Haven't tried myself with VCDS lite, but can you do this test on it: 1. go into the Instrument Cluster control module (-17-) and select OUTPUT TESTS (-03-). 2. Click on the START/NEXT button to initiate a sequence of tests. The first of these tests the sweep and calibration of the analog...
  17. gavsman

    Main Beam Adjustment

    Take your head light out, take the cover off the back ( where you put your new main beam bulb in) you should see a metal lever - this is for left hand/right hand driving. move the lever to the opposite of what you have now & put the headlight back in & connect back up & test. I had to do this...
  18. gavsman

    Picking the Sport Avant up tomorrow- gmbh kit in black 2004 with 54k miles.

    I'll keep my eye out for you then! Glovebox repiar in the DIY Sticky
  19. gavsman

    Now for the rear pads and discs!

    caliper rewind tool for vw/Audi is about £13 from amazon