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    CVT issue - car won't start

    Hi All, 2006 3.0tdi CVT. I drove to the supermarket on Saturday and the car was fine. I came back out to the car and it wouldn't start. The dash lights come on and then nothing, it doesn't even try. I then get the "engage P or N to start" message on the dash. Naturally, it is in P. I removed...
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    Front bumper help. What have I got?

    Which is odd as I see evenwhen I'm not logged in
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    Front bumper help. What have I got?

    I did discuss this with B5NUT a long time ago but have completely forgotten what we discussed, and as it was in person don't have it on here. I have a 2006 Avant SE. The wings and bumper need replacing. I have bought this facelift bumper, but as you can see it is bare. I need to source the...
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    Fitting S3 rear callipers

    Hi All, I need to change or refurb the rear calipers on my 3.0tdi Avant. Does anyone know whether these are a straight fit? I’m in the process of upgrading the fronts and these would be a good, cost...
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    Replacing outer door skin

    Come on Lee, the whole point of coming on a forum and asking the hive mind for intervention is to avoid paying money to find out the answer, the answer that you have kindly provided. I probably should have come to you first in fairness. I can always rely on you to know the answer.
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    Replacing outer door skin

    I’ve been a forum user for 20 years and an admin for most of that time. The good members are the ones that ask questions without making assumptions. I have every right to shoot you down because of the condescending tone of your post
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    Replacing outer door skin

    I’ve read that first post at least 10 times and still can’t find the bit where I said that I was going to do it myself. Could you be a dear and point that out for me? I’m asking before I buy parts for my bodyshop. On many cars, it’s straightforward, mk5 Golf for example. The chrome window trim...
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    Problem with reverse sensors

    excellent, thanks for that
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    Avant boot lid sticks

    Thanks for the confirmation. I'd already ordered them but wanted to check that there was nothing else in play at the same time
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    Avant boot lid sticks

    The boot lid on my Avant doesn’t open smoothly and then sticks at the perfect height for me to bang my head. I have to push it up the rest of the way. I’m assuming that it is the struts failing. Is there likely to be anything else causing this?
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    Any good tdi 130 engine mods AVF

    Don't know the code I'm afraid. 1.9 130 with stock turbo
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    Problem with reverse sensors

    My reverse sensors have started acting up. I get the beep as I go in to reverse but then they don't sense anything. Can VAGCOM identify which one(s) has/have failed or do I just need to replace the lot? I assume it is likely to be the sensors rather than the wiring? I've done the whole 'stick...
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    Replacing outer door skin

    How easy is it? I've found plenty of how-to's on removing the inner door trim, but can't find one for the outer door trim. I'm assuming it can't be too hard as plenty are for sale on the bay of e. Has anyone done it? Front drivers outer door skin is the one I'm interested in
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    3.0tdi Quattro with 2.0tdi back box

    I’ve had the backboxes deleted on mine. I used OEM style tailpipes
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    A6 2008 2,7 bluetooh?

    Or you can use a Dension unit
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    Is the A6 Avant too low?

    I too am 6’6” and have more than enough room inside. Mine is lowered on coilovers. You can’t get your fingers between the wheel and arch yet I have no issues whatsoever. I used to, because the rear subframe wasn’t central. It’s adjustable and may need centring
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    Rear wheel position?

    When you say that you need right alignment tools, I assume you simply mean a garage with the ususal alignment kit as opposed to an Audi speific tool?
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??
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    Anyone running 20" alloys on their A6 ??

    The shop are wrong. On my car it is the opposite side that sticks out further. I have an active thread about the subject at the moment. B5NUT confirms that the rear subframe is adjustable so it can be rectified