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    MRC Stage 1 - Car Safety

    As above - more frequent oil changes and not teaching you to suck eggs but try to be aware of warming up before any heavy loading and also cooling down after the same.
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    Disable keyless entry

    Not sure if you know already but if you lock it with the key and then press the button on the handle to lock it like you would with keyless - it will disable keyless until you next unlock it with the key.
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    Sold 2017/67 Ara Blue RS3 Hatchback

    Now sold. Thanks
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    Sold 2017/67 Ara Blue RS3 Hatchback

    Sorry mate, selling as it is.
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    Sold 2017/67 Ara Blue RS3 Hatchback

    Thanks bud, I thought the same when buying one until I saw it in person. Quite a change when driving at night!
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    Sold 2017/67 Ara Blue RS3 Hatchback

    Ara blue crystal effect Ceramic coating applied to paint Fine nappa leather Protective coating applied to leather Audi virtual dash Super sports seats RS sports exhaust Gloss black styling pack 19"x8.5" gloss anthracite/diamond cut wheels Brake calipers finished in red Privacy glass Comfort and...
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    Exhaust Valve controller options

    Cete Automotive one will do the job then, pretty easy to install as well. You can also double press the traction control button and it will open/close the valves regardless of the mode. I literally only wanted mine to try and prevent my neighbours from wanting to key my car when I start it up...
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    Exhaust Valve controller options

    I've got the Cete Automotive one on my face lift 8v, its good for getting the car to be a bit more quiet during start up. Its very loud when in dynamic (Almost too loud and droney for me) but if you put the drive mode in Auto then it goes back to original settings. Easy to install as well and...
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    Sportback 20s

    Just be prepared to get wheels repaired/replaced god forbid you do get a puncture as there isn't much leeway between the 20 inch tyre and the rim!
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    Facelift Another tire down!

    Sorry bud but I couldn't disagree more. I've done 3 tyres and 2 wheels from pot holes and they've all been because they've either been full of water in the dark or had someone on coming with their headlights dazzling me and missed the pot hole.
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    Gas boot struts

    Try It might be easier if you can find out how strong your current struts are and then ask them for advice on which one to go for. I've used them in the past for a door on a race car and they were very helpful!
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    Google maps issues?

    May not be relevant but my Audi App says that the myAudi servers are down for maintenance.
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    Google maps issues?

    Same. Performed a 2018/2019 map update and it still doesnt work.
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    Ghost immobiliser

    I have ghost if you want me to try?
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    Facelift Cold start gone

    What do people recommend? I literally just don't want the start up pops and bangs and a quieter cold start, not bothered about having the valves fully open all the time or closed?
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    Changing from Pirelli to MPS4s advice....

    Ive got continental sport contact 6's on a staggered setup. Road noise is OK and they seem have a decent amount of grip but I do find that the car wants to wonder around a bit and you find yourself having to correct the steering quite often. Has anyone tried Goodyear Eagle F1s?
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    What sort of mileage do you guys with remaps do per day? I do around 80 miles a day and as much as I would love to make it stage 2, I can't afford for it to go wrong?
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    Spare ECU, where to buy?

    This ^ - Hence why if your speedo is turned off, it won't log any mileage.