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  1. spartacus68

    Measurement from floor to bottom of Drivers door?

    If your wife is worried about parking a bigger car then avoid the A6, it has a big overhang front and rear, an SQ5 is probably a better bet. I don't know a huge amount about the newer diesels, but Ad Blue is definitely a factor with the pump failing, so you're looking at £1k fix. Again with...
  2. spartacus68

    Measurement from floor to bottom of Drivers door?

    Sorry, I don't have an answer to your door height question, just interested that you're coming from a B8 Allroad, and have you considered B9 Allroad? The A6 is a bigger beast, and has air suspension and my only worry if you stay with diesel is Ad Blue, seems like a lot of pump failures. That...
  3. spartacus68

    Change battery location (not battery replacement) - 2014 A4 B8.5 Allroad 2.0 TFSI 225

    Are you sure you're not just missing the space saver wheel? I've got a 2012 Allroad, 18" alloys with a space saver wheel. What exactly is it you want to achieve by moving the battery? Sounds like a lot of work for very little gain. You're going to need the jack and compressor if you ever need...
  4. spartacus68

    Is this the water pump failing

    That V36 fault is an auxilliary electrical pump. This is an interesting thread: Wasn't sure what model of car you had as instantly thought of excellent videos on Dave Sterl's YouTube channel on TFSI...
  5. spartacus68

    Which screen wash?

    Screen-wash, pretty sure it's all the same. I don't particularly like the heavy scented ones. You're meant to be cleaning your windscreen, not having a shower for the Lynx effect! We still have a bit of a frost, so something with lower freezing temperature is useful. I never buy the ready to...
  6. spartacus68

    Help Please Halogen to Bi-Xenon upgrade

    On the B8, the levelling sensor is on near-side front and rear, and pretty sure you need VCDS to calibrate too. Importantly you'll need headlight washers if not already in place with bi-xenon lights. Coming from an old B5 with projector headlights to bi-xenon was like night and day and vowed...
  7. spartacus68

    Rear wheel bearings

    Any pictures?
  8. spartacus68

    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    You should get away with just replacing the upper arms, given mileage. I replaced the entire suspension on by B5 2.5 TDI V6 Quattro Avant but it was at 150k miles and there's no point swapping an arm here or there, just replace the lot. I still follow the MOT on the old locomotive and she's over...
  9. spartacus68

    Poorly Tdi

    You could do without that. I was looking at your VCDS readings, so car at 150k miles. Any closer to determining why, and is this basically oil starvation?
  10. spartacus68

    Poorly Tdi

    Any update to this?
  11. spartacus68

    Knocking noise - Worn control arms

    What's the mileage? Upper control arms, fit Meyle HD or Lemforder. Given you need to check the tracking afterwards, its not a job you want to do twice. Also - only torque them once the car is on its wheels or you'll stress the bushes.
  12. spartacus68

    Looking for roof bars and towbar for my B8 Avant

    Westfalia detachable tobar on Ebay to uplift from Manchester, 8T0800491F - £250. Plenty genuine Audi roofbars too, or you can opt for Thule Aero Wingbars...
  13. spartacus68

    Rust Forming Already???

    Get the car booked into the main dealer. I haven't seen corrosion like that for some time. It's very similar to corrosion on diamond cut alloys which lifts the lacquer as moisture is penetrating the paint top coat from the base undercoat. The main dealer will measure the paint thickness. It's...
  14. spartacus68

    New Owner - cosmetic mod ideas?

    Widely known as VCDS, apart from being a great technical bit of kit for servicing and fault finding, bear in mind Audi will charge you the best part of £100 to scan the car using exactly the same software. There's some useful mods to enable on your car too, a bit like a hidden menu. I've...
  15. spartacus68

    A4 B9 rear brake pads/grinding noise

    Good call on the heat shield touching the brake disc. Easy done. A small stone can lodge between the disc and the pad, apart from noise, then you may see scoring on the outside face of the disc. Run your fingers behind the disc too or a visual inspection with a torch. You can jack up the rear...
  16. spartacus68

    A4 B9 rear brake pads/grinding noise

    Did they mention anything about the rear discs? If there's a lip on the discs or excessive corrosion I'd change them too, as it seems false economy just to replace the pads. The brake fluid change doesn't involve any physical adjustment of the brakes, so a full brake dismantle always helps these...
  17. spartacus68

    Help Please B8.5 Suddenly Running Deeper / Louder?

    I didn't think an Audi exhaust would rust so didn't even consider it. I had a B5 V6 Quattro Avant on 175k on the original exhaust, but this central clamp bracket on B8 is a weak spot, a yes noticed a louder noise, but not like full blown sound. The actual wrap sheath that joins the pipes is...
  18. spartacus68

    Help Please B8.5 Suddenly Running Deeper / Louder?

    I'd say your brackets are toast! Get the trolley jack out and an axle stand for safety - they will probably crumble if you touch them.
  19. spartacus68

    Help Please B8.5 Suddenly Running Deeper / Louder?

    Indeed. The central exhaust bracket could look like this: