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  1. Ross_T_Boss

    Facelift Unitronic Inlet elbow

    Any update on this one? Just to remind you, it's easter weekend - perfect opportunity to get it fitted and give us all some feedback :icon thumright:
  2. Ross_T_Boss

    Facelift Unitronic Inlet elbow

    Well done for taking the plunge! I will be interested to hear how this works out, seeing as we've both on the Unitronic 3". I have felt the car might have made a tiny step back vs the forge inlet, not enough to warrant change, but the 4" I hope will. The Eventuri does look like a smoother...
  3. Ross_T_Boss

    New 2021 Audi e-tron GT

    Spent some time in a Taycan Turbo S recently, it's turned me... phenomenal machine, so capable and good fun. Sounds like the GT RS will be very similar. Don't get me wrong, the 5-pot is going nowhere but an EV will be the next family car I think.
  4. Ross_T_Boss

    Anyone here running a Haldex Controller?

    Pressure = more rear bias. The controller is just altering pressure to increase/decrease engagement, the single knob is just changing one variable to increase/decrease the scaling to dial in hook-up. It has a complete brain in there with very complex map capabilities, just a shame it's so hard...
  5. Ross_T_Boss

    Anyone here running a Haldex Controller?

    On the pot. Basically at about the 1/2 way mark the pump duty is "100%" which will give you something similar to stock pressure. You have 4 not very obvious points either way that will increment that in either direction of circa +/- 5%. If you just max it out you'll give the axles a hard time...
  6. Ross_T_Boss

    Anyone here running a Haldex Controller?

    I have both the VdV and Iroz/Syvecs controllers. The bottom two are variants of the VdV, "piggy back" devices, I do really like the integration though. The piggy back is a safe way to play - you won't break anything. They all have pretty good interfaces, the VdV phone app can change quite...
  7. Ross_T_Boss

    Air flow improvement

    You will have a flow restriction on the stock airbox, but what you have there is a pretty good "half way house" for money vs gain. As as has been said, take dyno figures with a pinch of salt, I've never bothered with it but run alot of logs and Dragy times which are a better "real world"...
  8. Ross_T_Boss

    Should I go E85? Unitronic

    Ah Stg1+ E85 makes sense re: stock injectors. That run was April time, single-digit C. I do have a TTRS though which is good for a few 10ths over the RS3. It's still fast though - not actually seen a faster stock time tbh!
  9. Ross_T_Boss

    Should I go E85? Unitronic

    The wastegate line on some cars had a length of rubber that could be prone to getting soft and collapsing, which will cause the car to stop making proper boost. On my 2018 it is a mostly metal variant so have left it, no issues. Regarding Ethanol... to run it on Unitronic you'll need the...
  10. Ross_T_Boss

    Insurance telematics boxes

    I've worked on this stuff; their algorithms determine my typical drive to the shops as an 'aggressive driving' event. In terms of data - the device I worked with quite advanced with an accelerometer and GPS. At the back end there's clever software and analytics. It could serve up all your...
  11. Ross_T_Boss

    Tuned cars !!

    Yeah that's my take-away from i too... alot of extra money spent to gain alot of power, but also put it in the unreliable and inconsistent camp. I mean I'd be taking the 911 as my favourite anyway, but it 'won' by virtue of being most consistent for me. I'd concur, "stage 2" has been reliable...
  12. Ross_T_Boss

    Reyland rear discs350 mm

    Most popular because BTCC use them, as do many other racing series, and we all like to mimic racing cars :sunglasses: But, according to AP: When you cut a slot or drill a hole in a disc you impact heat transfer. The area around the slot or hole acts as a cool spot when the disc heats up, which...
  13. Ross_T_Boss

    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Answer on this is yes. The rear caliper bracket pushes it outboard about 10mm, and the disc hat of course to match. As a result it bolts on with no requirement to modify or remove the rear guard, and I had a few mm clearance to it still.
  14. Ross_T_Boss

    Sportback Reyland brake upgrade (front & rear), size advice

    Any performance disc is going to be some form of cast iron, and will rust. I'd think trying that spray paint some discs ship coated with, that the pad wears through, could be an idea to protect that inner bit and the tops (just mask up the bell). I think you could get away with 2mm less on the...
  15. Ross_T_Boss

    RS3 OPF tuned - Infinit Performance

    Can't figure that one out, it's a Scottish Ltd company. But the base maps are done in the US? It did seem that way reading some of the info. I presume it's a bit of a cross-atlantic collaboration. From what I've seen the base maps are exactly that, very safe - this is not an 'OTS competitor'...
  16. Ross_T_Boss

    uprated brakes

    I wouldn't bother replacing stock for stock. I just swapped out at 18k miles for Reyland + carbotech despite still having half the life on them. On the spares shelf now! I know a few guys in EU and many in the US happy with Girodisc for track use. G-LOC GS-1 is the same as Carbotech 1521. I...
  17. Ross_T_Boss

    uprated brakes

    If you order before midnight you can get 20% off the pads - £220 for 2x sets of FCP1664H (shared with many other RS models) here: I would say just a pad upgrade and fluid refresh...
  18. Ross_T_Boss

    Aftermarket wheels.

    Has anyone used Bola wheels in past? I'm looking at their 'FLD' in a 19 x 9.5 to use for track. At 9.3kg it is not much heavier than my Neuspeed in 9" and they are £1k shipped, seems pretty good for a flow-formed wheel.
  19. Ross_T_Boss

    Sportback Mapped PFL RS3 vs M2CS

    It's an out of context quote commonly misapplied, especially by diesel owners... peaky NA motors in tuned for a narrow peak torque band vs a wide torque area 'under the curve' and better driveability out of corners, but less peak? Sure. But modern boosted engines in a runway drag race with a...
  20. Ross_T_Boss

    Suspension!! Again!!

    If I hadn't got magride I would have been temped to fit coilovers to be honest but I am happy with magride and MSS Track. It's a good balance between daily and fast, and to be honest on reasonable B-roads you can really make pace without bottoming out or losing traction, that bit of compliance...